UPDATE – Some of these still work to tải về the original CC 2015.5 installers, but Adobe has recently taken down many links… However, you can also now get the all-new Creative Cloud 2022 Direct download Links!

Back in June, Adobe rolled out major updates lớn its flagship Creative Cloud tools and services. The CC 2015.5 release, as it’s commonly called, includes significant new features in Adobe’s key desktop applications và performance advancements across Creative Cloud. The new versions were available immediately for worldwide tải về via the CC Desktop app only, because many of the tools began using a proprietary installation technology. The challenge was that many folks want or need khổng lồ access the new tools directly without using Adobe’s download/app manager, và so we have been working with the company lớn help make standard, standalone installers publicly available (as has been the practice for all their previous creative software products).

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Well, we have some good news: After some months of delay, Adobe has now published an initial set of direct tải về links for the CC 2015.5 release (see table below), for instant access plus the ability to lớn use your own tải về manager if you have any difficulty with what Adobe normally employs and want khổng lồ get the tools or trials without it… These can also come in handy if you want offline CC 2015.5 installers khổng lồ use, store, or back up with (i.e., copy to lớn USB flash drive, burn to DVD, etc). These link go to the authentic và secure files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, safe, & will not change.

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Most people tải về the trials by signing up for the không lấy phí level of CC membership & using the Creative Cloud Desktop ứng dụng to select and download any or all of these products, although with the direct link below, no member­ship is required lớn access the không tính phí trials.

Whether you’re considering just a single-app subscrip­tion like Photoshop CC 2015.5 or getting the complete Creative Cloud, you can always use these miễn phí trials to install, run, và activate the new software on your system, without needing to lớn reinstall. All of the CC 2015.5 tools will install và run together on the same computer(s) along­side any older Adobe versions such as CC 2015, CC 2014, CS6, CS5, etc. These CC trials are fully functional for 7 không tính tiền days.

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More DirectDownload Links
CC 2022
CC 2017
CC 2015
Acrobat DC 2022
Captivate 2019
Elements 2022

Importantly, all available product languages are included in a single multilingual download, and chú ý that the software will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop phầm mềm (with reasonable defaults)… So it is possible to install elsewhere on your computer besides C:, as well as with a different language – but you have to lớn indicate that by using the Desktop app. If you need to lớn install additional languages, just run the same installer again after choosing another language in the Preferences.

Note: On Mac OS v. 10.12 “Sierra” (only), you need lớn follow these additional steps to install.

So without further ado, here are the CC 2015.5 links!

Creative Cloud 2015.5 – Adobe CC 2015.5 download Links – ALL Languages

<UPDATE (Oct. 2021) – These liên kết still work to download some original CC 2015.5 installers. If you’re looking for direct liên kết to the newest 2022 versions, then see this post.>

Adobe CC 2015.5Direct DownloadsWindowsMac OSSizeInstallerSizeInstallerOther Tools Included in Creative Cloud 2015
Illustrator CC 2015.3 (32-bit)1.9 GBDown­load  
Illustrator CC 2015.3 (64-bit)1.9 GBDown­load1.9 GBDown­load
Photoshop CC 2015.5.1 (32bit)1.2 GBDown­load  
Photoshop CC 2015.5.1 (64bit)1.3 GBDown­load1.3 GBDown­load
Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 (10.3)1.1 GBDown­load1.1 GBDown­load
After Effects CC 2015.3 (13.8)1.8 GBDown­load1.8 GBDown­load
Audition CC 2015.2 (9.2)550 MBDown­load576 MBDown­load
Prelude CC 2015.4 (5.0)634 MBDown­load755 MBDown­load
Media Encoder 2015.3 (10.3)926 MBDown­load945 MBDown­load
Bridge CC 2015 (32-bit)737 MBDown­load  
Bridge CC 2015 (64-bit)829 MBDown­load781 MBDown­load
CC Desktop app (v. MBDown­load*263 MBDown­load*
Acrobat Pro DC 2016737 MBDown­load*638 MBDown­load*
Lightroom CC 2015 (w/ LR6)1.1 GBDown­load1.2 GBDown­load
Adobe Camera Raw 10.5421 MBDown­load367 MBDown­load
Creative Cloud Packager326 MBDown­load*147 MBDown­load*

* = to access these installers, please first follow the tải về instructions here.

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CC subscribers can also download & use CC 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019,2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013 and/or CS6.

See the CC System Requirements for complete platform information.


< What vì these different applications do? check out the Creative Cloud Contents Guide. >

These are link to brand new builds of the programs, not in-place updates – so they require nothing else to fully install on either Windows or Mac. Not yet present are offline installers for Animate (Flash Pro), Muse, Experience design (XD), Prelude, or Character Animator, which Adobe says they are working to lớn provide. We will continue lớn collaborate with them in this effort, but also feel không tính phí to tương tác Adobe Customer tư vấn to express your need for these (via online chat is fastest), and see what they can bởi for you.

If you need a direct tải về for something that’s not listed there yet, then another option is to lớn go with the most recent version from our comprehensive set of CC 2015.0 liên kết plus all the update patches (Windows / Mac). There you will also find direct links to InDesign, InCopy, Dreamweaver, SpeedGrade, Edge, and Fuse, which were not impacted by the installer changes that rolled out in June.

All of these downloads will install alongside any previous releases on your machine, so you bởi vì not have lớn uninstall prior versions of Creative Cloud (CC) or Creative Suite (CS) – although you can if you want to. Some users prefer khổng lồ keep prior revision(s) around as they come up lớn speed with the new features, & there are customers who have multiple versions of CC (and older) installed on a single computer.

See the CC System Requirements for complete platform information. And if you’re unsure whether you need the 64-bit or 32-bit version on Windows, then see this Microsoft page for how to determine which type of system you have.

What’s New in Adobe CC 2015.5?

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