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Traditional Spider-Man themes & concepts are present throughout, including being responsible for your actions, selflessly striving to help those who can"t help themselves, và protecting family và friends. Player-controlled violence is sensationalized but is only employed to bring criminals khổng lồ justice và is never taken to excess.

Spider-Man is a genuinely good guy. He cares about his family và friends, feels a deep sense of responsibility to help and protect people, & maintains a good sense of humor. He instigates & gets inkhổng lồ a lot of fights but only to stop crime & always with the intent to lớn capture rather than kill.

Combat is pretty straightforward, requiring only a few buttons for attacking, dodging, và web-slinging. Traversing the environment is a little more awkward and can be confusing. Three difficulty levels let struggling players adjust the cấp độ of challenge lớn meet their abilities. 

Players spover much of their time as Spider-Man beating up bad guys, mostly by punching, kicking, & spraying webs on them. Spider-Man doesn"t kill his enemies but instead knocks them out & ties them up, leaving them for the police. An important character dies early in the game, and players may later see his tombstone in an unlockable comic book.

Spider-Man engages in mildly suggestive sầu banter with a female character. The words "hooked up" are mentioned.

This game is a spin-off of the hugely popular Spider-Man comics và films and likely will increase kids" interest in Spider-Man truyền thông media & paraphernalia. 

Parents need lớn know that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an open-world action game with frequent brawling combat. Spider-Man punches and kicks his enemies, knocking them out và tying them up with webs so the police can arrest them. There"s no blood, và no one dies in the fighting, but an important character is killed in a non-combat sequence. As in the comics, Spider-Man/Peter Parker is a genuinely good -- & good-humored -- guy who tries to protect those he loves while helping the people of Thành Phố New York. He only fights when it"s necessary khổng lồ stop or prevent crimes, & he doesn"t kill bad guys.

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This game could've been a lot better. The graphics are disappointing, the story is confusing & all over the place, the gameplay is clunky, & the voice... Continue reading
This Games Is the wolrd"s best games for kids tooo, althiugh it has a little voilence but its is best

Not based on the film of the same name so much as it is a sequel lớn the previous Amazing Spider-Man game, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 picks up with Peter Parker still searching for the man who killed his Uncle Ben. He swings through a New York City open-world environment, tracking down notorious gangsters before encountering bigger plots with several famous villains from the Spider-Man universe, including Kraven the Hunter & Electro. Plenty of petty criminals are lurking around Manhattan, too, and Spider-Man needs to lớn track them down & put a stop to lớn their law-breaking activities if he wants lớn generate positive sầu news stories to keep up his do-gooder public image. Peter also can put his photojournacác mục skills lớn use by snapping pictures, searching out lead-generating audio logs, and tracking down a variety of collectibles lurking around the city, including comic book pages.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels like a hurriedly cobbled together cash grab of a game. Swinging and crawling around a free-to-roam Thủ đô New York ought khổng lồ be exciting & liberating, but awkward controls keep players from ever getting comfortable moving about. Combat is more palatable, if only because it"s less frustrating. But the brawling action -- tap one button lớn attack & another khổng lồ dodge when you see Spider-Man"s spidey sense tingling -- is derivative sầu of other supernhân vật action games (most notably Warner Bros." recent Batman games) and dissatisfying in its simplicity.

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The best parts of the game are those that don"t involve any fighting or web-slinging. Schảy Lee"s turn as a sage comic book store proprietor offering Peter advice in place of his uncle is terrific, as are the full-length, classic Spider-Man comics that players can read in his shop. But such treats don"t ảo diệu for the thoroughly lackluster action. You know there"s a problem when you"d rather spover your time with a comic book superhero game reading its unlockable graphic novels than stepping inkhổng lồ the spandex of its titular character.

Discuss the famous axiom that with great power comes great responsibility. If you had superpowers, would you devote yourself khổng lồ helping others, or would you simply use your powers for your own benefit?

Price: $39.99-59.99Pricing structure: PaidAvailable online? Available onlineRelease date: May 12, 2014ESRB rating: T for Mild Blood, Mild Suggestive sầu Themes, ViolenceLast updated: September 30, 2021