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Imagining yourself slaying in an Attack on Titan costume at the anime convention? Looking for the piece that finishes your Attack on Titan cosplay? You’ve come khổng lồ the right place! Select your Attack on Titan uniform costume from our exclusive selection. Don the Attack on Titan jacket khổng lồ proudly display the Scout’s wings of freedom. Or polish that Mikasa make up with the wig and harness your DIY needs!

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With its many twists & turns, Attack on Titan has a vast amount of lore and theory lớn explore. & when your mind is so full of information, the idea of dressing as these characters may seem overwhelming. What if you don"t get the look right? What if you"re dressing in an outdated character style? It can be a lot to lớn mull over, but once again, we"re here to help! Considering a character that"s not a member of the Scout Regiment? Want khổng lồ know exactly how lớn put some of those costume pieces on so you don"t stroll into the convention feeling silly? This short FAQ is here lớn sort a few of those burning questions not already addressed above!

What is the Garrison Regiment?

The Garrison is the largest branch of the Eldian Military. Most Cadets join the Garrison if they don"t qualify for a cushier role in the Military Police, or if they don"t wish khổng lồ risk becoming a Scout. From atop the walls, Garrison members defend their homes from Titans with cannons or other large anti-titan weapons. While our selection doesn"t yet include a Garrison costume, you can gear up as one of the brave service members with our available harness & Garrison gloves.

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What is the Attack on Titan Sword?

The swords used in Attack on Titan have an unmistakable style. The segmented blades of ultrahard steel are the perfect tools for cutting down Titans. Whether you"re on Paradis Island or walking into another anime convention, you don"t want to lớn be caught with a generic sword. Luckily our AOT costume selection includes two options for you to showroom to your arsenal. Both lightweight and officially licensed, you can"t go wrong with either as a costume accessory or showpiece for your Attack on Titan collection!

Where lớn buy Attack on Titan Jacket?

Is there another clothing thành phầm in Attack on Titan more iconic than those cropped khaki jackets? The Scout"s green hooded capes might compare, but the practicality & versatility aren"t as strong. This is why you"re looking to lớn get that signature jacket. Và in our selection, you can buy a Made By Us Attack on Titan jacket at along with our deluxe & standard AOT character costumes. With the Scout Regiment"s insignia on the shoulders & back, you"ll look lượt thích one of the brave và bold military members ready to head out on your next expedition.

How lớn put on AOT Harness?

Those ODM harnesses sure look tricky, and putting one on so you don"t get entangled in a tree is of the utmost importance. So it makes sense to ask how it"s done. They never demonstrate the right way to vì it in Attack on Titan, but our designers put some care into making your biến hóa easier to wear. Elastic bands slip under the foot & around your back for a secure fit. Meanwhile, the faux leather straps with metal buckles can be adjusted to lớn fit snug around you. Harness made simple!

Where can I buy Attack on Titan Cosplay?

So, where can you get Attack on Titan make up pieces? They are available here at! Need a couple shortcuts for your DIY cosplay? Our limited selection of a la carte items can make things simple. Paired with accessories and makeup from our selections, your well-planned make up can look just lượt thích you dreamed! Want a ready-to-wear AOT costume? We"re your source! Gear up like some of your favorite Scouts with our exclusive wigs inspired by Armin, Eren, Mikasa, và Levi. Explore our full selection of wigs và bald caps khổng lồ invite the likes of Conny, Jean, or Sasha khổng lồ the tiệc nhỏ as well!

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