Bản Đồ Offline Cho Iphone

Don"t get lost without any signal; tải về offline maps on your iPhone instead. Here are the three best apps lớn use for it.

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Downloading a maps for offline use is a great way to ensure that you won’t get lost on a trip if you chiến bại signal or run out of data. If you have an iPhone, you might be wondering how to download an offline map.

Unfortunately, táo Maps doesn’t have an option to tải về maps for offline use. This means that you’ll need khổng lồ switch to another maps provider to bởi vì this. Luckily, there are great alternatives. Táo Maps also uses a lot of di động data, which is another great reason to lớn switch.

Here are the three best iPhone apps to tải về offline maps, & how to vày it.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular táo apple Maps alternatives. To tải về offline maps in Google Maps, open Google Maps and log in. Be sure you have Location Settings enabled. Then, tap on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner next khổng lồ the tìm kiếm bar.

This will mở cửa up your settings. In your settings, navigate khổng lồ Offline maps > Select Your Own Map. Then download a map.



You can zoom in or out lớn choose the area you want khổng lồ download. Then you just tải về the map and Google will save it to your phone for 30 days.

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Google Maps will tell you exactly how much storage each tải về takes up, so you can choose to lớn keep the maps or delete it after using it. After 30 days, the maps will automatically expire, so keep this in mind.

2. TomTom GO

If you remember the days of using GPS, you might have used a TomTom. Now, TomTom can be used on your mobile device without an internet connection, turning your iPhone into a GPS device.

The TomTom GO ứng dụng is specifically designed for offline use, assuring you it will work when you don’t have an internet connection.

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Downloading an offline bản đồ is simple. Just download the app, tap the icon, và choose what maps to download to get started. The maps are sorted by state, with some states requiring one or two downloads to get the entire state.



In terms of storage space, the TomTom GO maps downloads take up less space than Google Maps. You can also tải về an entire state at a time, something Google doesn’t do. If you prefer using mobile data, TomTom GO does give you traffic information without using too much data, since the maps are already downloaded.

3. HERE WeGo

Used by Amazon and other delivery services, HERE WeGo might not be a household name, but it does work great for those attempting to use maps offline.

HERE WeGo was developed by nokia but recently became an independent company & went through an upgrade. Now, it’s one of the best apps for using maps offline.

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To download offline maps, open the app and on the homepage navigate khổng lồ Your Maps > Download maps. Then simply tải về a map of your desired area.

Once a bản đồ is downloaded, you can tap Use phầm mềm offline whenever you want to navigate khổng lồ your destination without data. While you won’t get traffic updates, you will get accurate directions.

HERE WeGo is a great choice for those who want to control when they use maps online & offline.

Download: HERE WeGo (Free)

Save Data, Reach Your Destination

There are many reasons why you may want khổng lồ use offline maps. Saving on data costs is a popular reason, but not getting lost when you thua connection is also important. We rely on our phones for everything now and losing connection in an unknown area can cost us time & make us arrive late, potentially missing important moments.

By downloading an offline map, you can rest knowing you’re prepared if you thảm bại data.

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