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Bạn đang xem: Alien shooter 2 conscription cheats and trainers for pc

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Name of the file: Alien Shooter 2 : Conscription Cheat Codes - Author: ANO -
In game mode:remgamma - remove sầu gamma on the levelstwin - complete cấp độ successfully. cheath - gives 1000 hp. st1 - gives 15000 hp.st2 - invincibility.stammo - gives some ammo. stexp or cheatexp - adds enough exp for getting new cấp độ.cheats - + 50 khổng lồ the speed skill.cheatw - + 100 skills of weapons reloading.stkk - to kill all monsters withing a radius of 1000 pixels from the character.stk9 - to lớn kill all monsters on the maps.stgod - makes all skills (except perk) 100 or 200 sequential. adds also 50000 money.stm or cheatm - + 10 000 money. stsiêu thị - tải về siêu thị on the cấp độ.stmus - turn the x number of tracks.stmusstop - stop current traông chồng.stat - turn onoff current statistics. NOTE: To enable cheat codes type letters on the keyboard during the game.In Survive sầu mode codes bởi not work.
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If Alien Shooter 2 : Conscription Cheat Codes doesn"t work for your game version, you can find an alternative trainer available at

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