Debate là gì

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debate /di"beit/ danh từ cuộc bàn cãi, cuộc thảo luận, cuộc tnhóc con cãi (the debates) biên phiên bản thỏa thuận của những phiên họp nghị viện hễ từ bàn cãi, tranh cãi, tranh biện (một vấn đề...) suy xét, cân nhắcto lớn debate a matter in one"s mind: suy nghĩ lưu ý đến một vấn đề vào óc
Lĩnh vực: xây dựngtranh con cãi

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Từ điển Collocation

debate noun

1 discussion

ADJ. considerable | fierce, heated, intense, lively, vigorous There has been heated debate about whether the film should be allowed. | wider You cannot separate unemployment from the wider debate about the economy. | public Television actually encourages public debate about such issues. | political

VERB + DEBATE have | contribute khổng lồ Many leading charities have sầu contributed khổng lồ the debate on world poverty. | encourage, promote A healthy society promotes vigorous debate. | spark off This accident has sparked off an intense debate on road safety. | stifle He accused the government of trying to stifle debate. | đại bại, win The environmentalists seem lớn have sầu lost the debate over the building of this road. | be a matter for, be open lớn The benefits of the new law are open to lớn debate.

DEBATE + VERB rage, take place A debate about safety is taking place in schools everywhere.

PREPhường. under ~ The issue is still under debate. | ~ about/on/over the debate on the environment | ~ ahy vọng the debate ahy vọng academics | ~ surrounding the debate surrounding contemporary art

PHRASES the subject of debate The proposed changes to lớn the law have sầu been the subject of much debate.

2 a formal discussion

ADJ. brief | lengthy, long | acrimonious, fierce, heated, lively, stormy a stormy debate in the House of Commons | congressional, parliamentary a parliamentary debate on the fishing industry

VERB + DEBATE have sầu, hold We had a brief debate about whether or not khổng lồ accept the offer. The union holds debates for students. | participate in, speak in, take part in Do you ever speak in debates? | open The prime minister will open the debate. | cthua trận | đại bại, win The government lost the debate in the House of Commons.

PREP. during/in a/the~ | ~ about/on Many of these points were raised during the debate on prison rekhung.

Từ điển WordNet



argue with one another

We debated the question of abortion

John debated Mary

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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

debates|debated|debatingsyn.: argue discuss dispute reason