Blue Eyes are Most Unusual!

Blue eyes are simply beautiful to look at. They are also fairly uncommon among the masses! It has been estimated that only 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes. To lớn give you an idea of just how unique xanh are, consider this factoid.

Right now, it is estimated that somewhere around 7 billion people live on the planet. Going by the math, this means only 560,000,000 people have some shade of blue as an eye color.

There are only a handful of celebrities who have blue eyes & even a smaller number who are male.

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If you are a person with xanh eyes – consider yourself lucky!

The blue eyes of Ian Somerhalder

This webpage will examine everything you ever wanted to know about xanh eyes. We will examine how you got those baby blues, assess how eye color can be altered & identify a number of famous male celebrities with xanh eyes. We will also check out some blue eyed myths!

Other information about various shades of blue eye màu sắc will be touched upon, including popular hues of silver. Be sure to visit our page on green eyes if you are curious about the other rare eye màu sắc type.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Where do blue eyes come from?
Deep blue eyes

What is the science of xanh eyes?

Many people want to lớn know where blue eyes come from. Ultimately, your eye màu sắc is a function of genetics & is determined by two factors: (1) the pigmentation of the iris & (2) the way light scatters around the iris itself. Let’s take a quick look at both.

Pigmentation of a person’s iris can run the gambit from the darkest color, black to lightest color, blue. Largely influencing pigmentation is something called melanin, a complex polymer made from the amino acid tyrosine.

The appearance of blue and shades of blue (i.e. Silver, blue-hazel) are the result of a scientific phenomenon known as Rayleigh scattering; which is a 25 cent phrase used to lớn describe the way light scatters after riding its spectrum wavelength.

Most people mistakenly believe that colors lượt thích blue & green are in the iris – but in truth they are not. Your unique eye màu sắc is the direct result of how light diffuses across the melanin base, which as mentioned previously is determined by genetics.

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Blue Eyes và Genes

Old theory

For many years, scientists believed a person’s eye màu sắc was determined by one dominant gene. It was postulated that an eye color hierarchy existed with brown being at the vị trí cao nhất of the ladder & blue sitting somewhere at the bottom. Under this old way of thinking, this meant if your father had brown eyes & your mother had blue eyes, you would likely be born brown as your eye color.

A parental combination of blue eyes would translate into you having xanh eyes. Scientists also believed recessive genes also somehow influenced eye color.

New theory

New research, presented in a 2008 publication of the American Journal of Human Genetics washed the old way of thinking about eyes và color. The new research suggests that as many as 16 genes may influence the way màu sắc is expressed in the iris.

The unscientific translation means that a baby can be born with just about any eye color, regardless of what their parents have. It is important to lớn note, however, that hereditary variables need to lớn be factored into the equation.

In January of 2008, research was published by the University of Copenhagen that suggests xanh eyes can be traced to lớn one common ancestor. Scientists believe that somewhere between six và ten million years ago, a genetic mutation occurred that paved the way for blue-eyes in humans today.

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Can your eyes change lớn blue?

Many people are curious if eye màu sắc can change. The answer is – absolutely! People with blue, green or brown eyes all experience change in màu sắc from time to time. Causes for eye màu sắc changes include:

The way light scattersMoodHealth/Medical reasons
Matt Bomer blue eyes

Eye màu sắc can change because of health reasons

The color of your iris can become changed permanently if you have glaucoma and take certain medications for treatment. If you have light colored eyes & want khổng lồ keep them, you need lớn be extremely careful with the glaucoma medications you take. Make sure you consult with your eye doctor khổng lồ discover all of the facts.

Other reasons eye color can change khổng lồ certain types of diseases. Examples include Horner’s syndrome and Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis. Should you notice any changes in the màu sắc of your eyes, liên hệ your doctor immediately.

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Blue eyes và associated health risks

If you have green eyes, you are more susceptible to the sun’s harmful radiation. This has to vị with our old friend melanin previously mentioned. Simply put, green eyed people can develop certain types of ocular cancers, like intraocular melanoma. People with light colored eyes should wear UV protective sunglasses when outdoors.

Cam Gigandet xanh eyes

Phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering

As mentioned previously, eye color pigmentation is not the result of eye màu sắc being deposited into the iris. In truth, your eye pigmentation has a small amount of brown in them. Because of the phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering, your eyes will reflect back a certain colored hew.

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This same phenomenon is why we experience the màu sắc of our sky as blue. If we were on Jupiter, we would experience the Jovian sky in light pinks và reds. We would also see pinkish skies on Mars. The science involved with how we “see” our sky is the same science at play regarding how people (including you) see the màu sắc of your eyes.


Changes in light và blue eyes

Using the prior mentioned scientific principle of Rayleigh scattering, transformation of light particles that land on the iris will impact its coloristic appearance. This can result in a person having hazel, amber, jade, emerald, blue và even gray!

Other factors can influence the shade of green in eyes.

Lighting: Artificial lighting (aka: light bulbs) can impact how eye màu sắc is experienced. The intensity of the light hitting your iris will either amplify or soften your iris’s appearance.Time of day: Light from the sun may be more intense earlier in the day or later, which means your iris will “pick-up” different intensities from the solar spectrum.Reflective colors: The color of everything around you, including the cloths you have on, can intensify how eye màu sắc is experienced. Certain colors, lượt thích gold, blue và other greens can amplify the flecks reflecting outward from your Iris. Makeup: Some people wear eye-makeup, like gold và purple eye-shadow, khổng lồ accentuate the natural green of the iris. This can cause the desired effect of having chameleon eyes.Allergies: Some people with allergies have “scratchy eyes” which can cause the surrounding “whites” of the eyes lớn become red (aka: bloodshot eyes). This can have the effect of amplifying your eye color. Most people bởi vì not desire this look.Substances: Use of alcohol, uppers, downers & other kinds of medications can cause your pupils to become larger or smaller. The over result can mean your eye color becomes more intense.

Josh Henderson has one blue eye và one green

Note of caution:

If your eye màu sắc changes suddenly or if you notice your pupils remain dilated for no apparent reason for an extended period of time, liên hệ your physician immediately. Your eyes are not something you want to lớn play with.

What does your eye color say about you video

 Male celebrities with blue eyes

There are many celebrities with green eyes – so many that it is not possible to các mục them all here. Bear in mind that different people have different hews of green. How they are expressed and perceived by others in large part depends on the factor previously mentioned. Listed below are a number of male celebrities with green eyes.

Zac EfronScott EastwoodIan SomerhalderPaul WalkerJared LetoRyan GoslingChase CrawfordJake GyllenhaalDaniel RadcliffeChris HemsworthLiam HemsworthBradley CooperMatt BomerHenry CavillNeil Patrick HarrisLogan LermanWentworth Miller

Myths About xanh Eyes

Blue eyes are fairly rare và therefore desired by many. Because of this, it makes sense that a number of myths exist about people with blue eyes. What follows are a few of the big ones. Keep in mind there are many more than the ones listed here!

Blue eyed people are more attractive.Blue eyed people possess supernatural powers.Blue eyed people have more intense relationships.Blue eyed people are better in bed.Blue eyed people live healthier life stylesBlue eyed people are more connected to lớn the earthBlue eyed people live longer

Blue Eyes Poll

This poll is designed khổng lồ find out what you think about eye color. It is not scientific in nature và therefore should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Still, the results may give you a clue about what others think about eye màu sắc – including the màu sắc of your eyes. Click here lớn take an off-site poll. 

Did xanh eyes come from aliens?

The màu sắc of your eyes is unique. No two people will ever have the same exact eye color, unless they are identical twins. When we examine the origins of eye color, we can see their evolution changed over the course of time.

It has been suggested that adaptations in eye màu sắc occurred as a result of a changing environment. Some people believe that individuals with xanh eyes are the result of an alien species depositing their genetic material into the human genome.

But if you look at other species on our planet, you will see eye colors come in rainbow, including yellows, reds and oranges. Did these differing ocular colors come from aliens as well?

Final Thoughts

We are still learning a great giảm giá khuyến mãi about eye màu sắc with new research happening every day. There have also been advancements changing eye màu sắc of the iris through medical procedures.

And of course, you can always buy colored contacts khổng lồ make your eyes blue, green, hazel or brown! I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for visiting Guy Counseling. Please lượt thích us on Facebook! Circle us On Google+ and pin sạc us on Pinterest!

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