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a game by Team Salvato
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9.8/10, based on 2 Đánh Giá, 1 nhận xét is shown
User Rating: 8.8/10 - trăng tròn votes
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When it comes lớn visual novel-style games, I will say that Doki Doki Literature Club is one of the most memorable that I have sầu ever had the pleasure lớn play. Seriously if you were to lớn look at still images from this game, you would think it was just another erotic kind of store where you are trying lớn hook up with girls. Let me tell you, that is not the case as this is more of a psychological horror story & one that will greatly disturb you!

Join The Club

Ok, so I am going to lớn try really, really hard to lớn not spoil anything here as the story that Doki Doki Literature Club tells is one of the most amazing I have experienced in quite some time. The basics of the story here are that you are a male high school student & you have sầu been persuaded by one of your friends to lớn join the literature club that is at the school.


This club is populated by four girls, four girls who all seem super happy và who have it all. This is not the case at all và within a very short period of time, the story takes a very dark turn when one of the girls kills herself & the game restarts. Only the protagonist is aware that this girl was ever alive! It is messed up stuff that thanks lớn the well-written story really does hit home page.

The Choices You Make

As a visual novel style game, Doki Doki Literature Club has you make a few choices as you progress through the story. These will lead you to lớn different outcomes và as a result, there is a fair bit of trả lời value here. However, I will say that the first playthrough really is the most amazing as you are really not prepared for how the story in this game is.

More Than Just A Story?

As is the case with most other visual novel-style games, you bởi not have a ton of gameplay here (although the story certainly interacts with you) however, they have sầu put in a mini-game. This is kind of fun và is a poetry based mini-game where you need khổng lồ phối the right words together khổng lồ make a poem that will be well received by a thành viên of the club.

This mini-game has these lovely chibi-style characterizations of the character which at first are dễ thương, but when you realize what this game is really about they are actually kind of disturbing!


I was really not prepared for the emotional roller coaster that Doki Doki Literature Club took me on! Safe to lớn say this is a game that I will probably never ever forget! It is one of the most amazing experiences I have had in quite some time và if I had to suggest just five visual novels for a person to play, this would 100 percent be on that danh sách. One suggestion I will give sầu is to lớn not spoil the story to lớn this, go in as blind as possible!

Final Score: 9.5/10


A truly amazing experienceAn amazing storyIt has a twist you will never see comingThe cute art style is offmix with the very dark subject matterDifferent endings


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