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If your computer has windows 10 problem and you want lớn reinstall windows, it will be very time consuming. If you choose to lớn Ghost, you will only take a few minutes khổng lồ reinstall your computer. I will nói qua with you 1 ghost Windows 10 pro 1909 in the article below

This Ghost Windows 10 pro version will help you to have sầu extremely fast Windows 10 operating system with full driver, full soft and the most popular office utilities for computers và laptops. It is created from the official and complete Windows 10 pro installer from Microsoft.

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Link to lớn download Ghost Win 10 Pro 1909 Full Soft v4.0

32 bit version

Name fike Win-10-Pro-1909-FS-32-v40.GHOSHA1: 1E700BF8F1D3AF15D8284D2D25BCD457FCBAABFD

64 bit version

File name Win-10-Pro-1909-FS-64-v40.GHOSHA1: 8227D33B801293AFE506C541582D0B8AC2BCAFD3

Ghost version according lớn UEFI standard, GPT hard drive

64 bit version

File name: Win-10-Pro-1909-FS-UEFI-v40.TIB

Link: Google Drive here

SHA1: 36462919C4226D12911A4452CA5496F484260573

Link download Ghost Windows 10 Pro No Soft version

This is the original version, vì not install any software other than those built in with Windows released by Microsoft.

.ISO file

32-bit version

Code MD5: 00706b5ee1faf754b1b0a0484905d45a

64 bit version

Code MD5: 7ea8757567eaf28fd51c5056076493f9

.GHO file

32-bit version

Code MD5: 1fb62d2df663fc994a5dc7ca578c4443

64 bit version

Code MD5: be082b8a465fbb1d0daaf4b5bea2a078

UEFI tệp tin x64

Code MD5: b4f9104c896e2ab933335567817089b6

A few notes when Ghost Win 10

After downloading, please kiểm tra the correct MD5 then install the ghost.In the process of using, bởi garbage cleaning, optimization, defragmentation with the HDD for windows khổng lồ work best.

What is Ghost Windows?

Ghost Win 10 or Ghost Win 7, 8, XPhường. are basically the same, it is a compressed file system, also known as a system backup that the user created before. Depending on the purpose of different uses, the Ghost versions are also different.

For example, the Trắng version of Ghost Win 10 only contains the original operating system, does not install any other components such as: Software, Driver, App, Games .

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Ghost win versions are created with the purpose of helping users lớn quickly & effectively restore computer system settings with just one clichồng. Ghost Win 10 has many different versions such as Win 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise . 32bit or 64bit, depending on the needs of use that you tải về lớn use.

If your computer"s configuration is high with RAM capađô thị on 4Gb, use Ghost Win 10 64bit version, so that it can receive sầu the full capacity of Ram, promoting the full power of the machine configuration.

Conversely, if your computer has a weak configuration with less RAM than 4Gb, use the 32bit Ghost version, with the 32bit version there are many very light and smooth Ghost versions, helping you lớn use the machine more smoothly.

Guide Ghost Win 10 with Onekey Ghost

OneKey Ghost is a tool used lớn create Ghost & Ghost versions of Windows 10 as well as other operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8. This tool is easy khổng lồ use and works quickly. Get the software tải về link at: Download Onekey Ghost

Step 1: Download Onekey here to your computer and extract it, then double-cliông xã the OneKeyGhost.exe pháo file or right-click & select Run as Administrator

Step 2: Chechồng the Restore box

Step 4: Next, choose the partition you want khổng lồ ghost. Usually drive C will be selected.

Ghost extraction process will take place in a few minutes, long or quickly depending on the form size of your Ghost Win 10 file. After ghosting is complete, the computer will Restart Windows & automatically install necessary tools và software. After the installation is done, you can use your normal copy of Windows.

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