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iMindMap try a well-known super powerful mind mapping software has been updated to the lathử nghiệm iMindMap 11 version, this time provides Windows / Mac version download, iMindMap 11 has changed the UI interface và so on. Carefully polished và refined. Clearer và clearer software enables unfocused focus and complex productivity. More intimate, cleaner và more intuitive sầu than ever. New and updated features give you the liquidity you need lớn think big và increase productivity.

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iMindMap is a business mind mapping software that can draw mind maps, fishbone diagrams, 2 chiều diagrams, tree diagrams, logic diagrams, organization charts, etc. Easily import và export multiple formats. iMindMap is a pioneer of hand-drawn mind mapping software, developed by Tony Buzan, the founder of mind mapping, is an intelligent thinking space that captures creativity, organizes & expands thinking, & turns inlớn execution. Views and systematic mind map views are especially suitable for brainstorming, planning và managing projects, creating presentations, etc.

iMindMap11 iMindMap11

Mind map view Use powerful mind maps lớn develop your best ideas inlớn meaningful plans. Even the most complex projects, radial, colorful branches will build a concise overview. See where your mind maps will lead you lớn.

Radiation bản đồ view Organize your ideas beautifully & use the radiation bản đồ view * to lớn make the information meaningful. Visually plan projects, simplify data, break down challenges & show creativity. In a highly adaptable, well-defined and highly visualized radiation bản đồ, the information is displayed as easy-to-understand nodes.

Brainstorming view Use our unique free-size brainstorming view lớn organize, classify and prioritize ideas on an infinite cork board canvas. Create a project storyboard or resource center to plan your maximum success.

Time map view Integrate your ideas through a visually rich interactive timeline and transform them into lớn actionable tasks through the "Time Map View".

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Quickly capture views Use the fast và fast capture view to enjoy a new way of creative inspiration. Capture your best ideas in a floating bubble net, then seamlessly switch to bubble group * mode to add some color-coded order. Quickly capture views is the starting platkhung you need to maximize your best ideas.

Capture your best ideas Do n’t miss any good ideas. Introduce free-flowing ideas into lớn mind maps or quiông xã capture views, and operate according to lớn your best thinking.

Make project planning easy Create a mind map or time bản đồ khổng lồ visualize the bigger picture và work efficiently to lớn move sầu towards a clearer final goal.

Better than the past brainstorming Overcome challenges, enrich ideas, and make better decisions by intuitively organizing your thinking on an infinite cork board canvas.

Visualize và understand data Work flexibly between mind maps, radiation maps, or organizational charts lớn develop broader thinking skills and identify opportunities.

Present in an innovative style Your idea is not just ordinary slides. Use the demo view to lớn get the most engagement and persuasion.

All functions come from the same place Build all projects in an efficient workspace and make it a source of meaningful creative thinking.

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