This site is considered the best to lớn find and download the Street Fighter IV game. Many sites offer the download links for this Fighting category PC game. There was some delay but this PC game was finally launched on Jul 18, 2008 date.

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Street Fighter IV Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Game Engine:Franchise:Player’s Perspectives:Game Modes:Themes:
Street Fighter IV
Dimps Corporation
Jul 18, 2008
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, Arcade
Teen (PEGI 12)
Taito Type X
Street Fighter
Side view
Single player, Multiplayer

About Street Fighter IV

Try this new Street Fighter IV trò chơi if you are looking for a phenomenal PC game. It was the top-rated trò chơi based on the Fighting genre. This video clip game was launched on Jul 18, 2008.


Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to lớn its roots by taking the beloved fighting moves và techniques of the original Street Fighter II, & infusing them with Capcom’s latest advancements in next generation technology to create a truly extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world lớn the time-honored art of virtual martial arts.

Newcomers:– Abel– C.

It has the multiplayer mode, which fans like the most. There should not be any trouble in running this trò chơi if your machine runs on platforms like PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, Arcade.

Street Fighter IV takes place several months after the events of Street Fighter II (thus is chronologically set between Street Fighter II and III). After M.


Bison’s survival following his encounter with Akuma, the S.I.N.

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corporation began another fighting tournament in order to lớn draw out the most powerful fighters on Earth khổng lồ complete the BLECE project. Each character has their own reasons for entering this tournament, but S.I.



N.’s real desire is to lớn lure Ryu khổng lồ them in order lớn analyze the Satsui no Hadō, believed to be the last piece of data needed khổng lồ complete BLECE.

You can live that amazing story in this game, but it only has the TPP mode. This đoạn phim game got the best ratings from 1958 average buyers.

About 13078 participants have shared their opinions about this game in their reviews. You must assess the reviews of 12869 users if you want to assess how this game works on PCs.

You must give this PC game a try because its 97.77 out of 100 rating guarantees hours of entertainment. All the racing clip game fans have fallen in love with this kích hoạt theme based PC game.


You should play this game right now if you like to play games that use the Taito Type X engine. It is the best Street Fighter franchise PC game for young kids.

You can tải về this game from below.

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