Where can i find iso images?

Visual Studio năm ngoái ISO file free tải về. Visual Studio 2015 enterprise edition, professional edition, community edition offline installer tải về for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for both 32bit và 64bit processor. Single cliông xã direct download Visual Studio 2015 ISO offline installer file.

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Visual Studio năm ngoái Introduction:

Br& Overview:

Visual Studio is the development environment developed và distributed by Microsoft. It is available for both MacOS & Windows Operating system. It supports both 32bit và 64bit architecture. It is available in more than 15 languages.

Version Introduction:

Visual Studio năm ngoái is the second lathử nghiệm version of Visual Studio family. It had the codename Dev14 & version number 14.0, released on trăng tròn July năm ngoái. It supports .Net framework ranging from 2.0 khổng lồ 4.6. It was written in the C++ và C# programming language. It had the three version named as VS năm ngoái enterprise, VS 2015 professional, VS năm ngoái community. During the first release, VS 2015 express version also introduced but later on Microsoft had to lớn remove sầu it and revert it lớn VS 2015 community. Some noticeable feature of Visual Studio 2015 were listed below.


Version Features:

By using custom windows display setting you had an option khổng lồ adjust its screen display to lớn a large monitor or surface layout. In the large monitor display, user views main windows, toolbox & solution explore while in surface mode user able khổng lồ see only main windows. Roslyn replaced the default code editor and provide the much better user experience. Light bulb ibé in code editor let you fix comtháng coding issues by the suggestion of different choices. Also, mô tả project feature lets you tóm tắt your common project with other projects, for example, user authentication class. Furthermore, you would easily debug the lambdomain authority expression which helps you to lớn dry run algorithm or code. It allows you lớn sign-in using multiple accounts. After login, your tài khoản is shared across all services of the visual studio also, your setting is tự động applied to all services of visual studio.

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User easily creates the cross plate khung di động application in C# Xamarin framework. Xamarin generates native sầu code of IOS and Android by using their API’s. By using the Cordova feature, user also create điện thoại apps using simple HTML, CSS and javascript. It analyzes your code và auto-generate test case scenario which comes in handy in unit testing. Also, It had a builtin apk emulator which fully support a camera and multitouch display. Due to the alot of improvement in it, user can easily make communicate between his application & Microsoft services. Default services are azure, Office 365 and Salesforce. Code maps help user lớn visualize your code và find if there are any dependencies required, also let you filter external dependencies.


Visual Studio 2015 Summary:

Custom windows layout let you choose your development layout from large monitor display or surface display.Roslyn code editor enhanced the coding experience also, light bulb fixe cộ your common coding errors with a single cliông chồng.User can nói qua common code with all its project by creating a project with shared type.Cross-platform IOS & Android điện thoại application developed using C# Xamarin framework which generates native code.Also, Visual Studio 2015 help us khổng lồ develop cross-platform games using Unity 3 chiều.It auto analyze user code, after that it create unit thử nghiệm cases, run that test và then output results.

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Visual Studio 2015 Technical details:

File Name Size Architecture Article added on License Developers
vs2015_enterprise_enu.iso, vs2015_professional_enu.iso, vs2015_community_enu.iso
750 MB, 650 MB
32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
30 Nov 2017
Trial version

Visual Studio 2015 System Requirements:

Operating System RAM Hard Disk Space Processor
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
2 GB or higher
10 GB of free space required
2 GHz or later recommended

Visual Studio năm ngoái Free Download:

ISO tệp tin of Visual Studio 2015 free download. An Offline Installer thiết đặt of Visual Studio năm ngoái enterprise, professional, community tải về for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for both 32bit and 64bit processor.

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