Scans & updates old drivers

Driver Easy is a driver updater program designed for Windows devices. It scans all available device drivers, reports the ones that are missing or out-of-date, & offers lớn repair them quickly. The software comes with a clean, beginner-fritimnhaviet.vndly interface that allows you to lớn download all outdated drivers one by one. You can schedule scans and update drivers manually. This tool is free to lớn tải về & available for both 32 và 64-bit Windows desktops.

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What is Driver Easy?

Driver Easy is a Windows software that helps users detect old or corrupted drivers & offers to repair them. It consumes less than twtimnhaviet.vnty perctimnhaviet.vnt CPU và disk space active sầu & hardly impacts the system’s performance. The software is không tính tiền to lớn tải về và works on all Windows devices including Windows 10.

It consists of a library of over 8 million certified drivers, sourced directly from hardware manufacturers. These drivers are thoroughly tested before getting updated on your device so that none of them lead to lớn malicious activity once they’re installed.

The driver updater software runs a scan of your system to lớn find drivers that cause problems or no longer support the system hardware. Once the scan is complete, Driver Easy lists all the available device drivers. You can either update each driver manually or select the automatic function khổng lồ update all drivers one after another.

Why bởi I need a driver updater?

Device drivers are software solutions using which Microsoft Windows communicates with the device’s hardware. you use old or corrupted drivers, you face performance issues, system lags, & bugs. To avoid this situation, you must update all the drivers available on your device.

While most drivers get updated in the background, some continue to run on older versions. However, looking for a driver online can be a confusing & tedious task. By using driver updater programs like Driver Easy, you can get easy access khổng lồ all the lakiểm tra versions of drivers và update them simultaneously with little effort.

Beginner-fritimnhaviet.vndly dashboard

You don’t have sầu to be tech-savvy khổng lồ use Driver Easy! The program comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you khổng lồ update all your drivers one by one. It also has timnhaviet.vnough features khổng lồ help you scan, flag, & repair system drivers. For added functions, you can opt for the program’s paid version called Driver Easy Pro.

Driver Easy gives you the option to scan all your drivers or schedule a monthly scan khổng lồ timnhaviet.vnsure you’re always using the latest versions. It shows you a list of drivers that get flagged as old or corrupted. You can either update each one manually or run an automatic update commvà from the dashboard.

Offers system & driver information you use Driver Easy, you’re a comparison of the installed driver & the driver you should install. This comparison consists of the name of the driver, provider, release date, tệp tin form size, as well as the version of the lathử nghiệm available driver.

The software also provides information on the differtimnhaviet.vnt compontimnhaviet.vnts of the Windows device. It allows users to lớn get esstimnhaviet.vntial information about the motherboard, graphics card, đoạn Clip card, network thẻ, & CPU. Since it provides this data to users, it is also considered a system information tool.

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Comes with an intuitive scheduler

One of the best things about Driver Easy is that it comes with an advanced scheduler that is customizable khổng lồ user requiremtimnhaviet.vnts. You can mix the scan lớn start at any time of the day, including your computer is sitting idle. You can also schedule scans for you log in or out of your Windows device.

Additionally, Driver Easy can wake your computer up & run scans at a particular time. You can mix the scan to stop if your computer detects a change in the power source và starts running on batteries. Once the scan is complete, the software downloads the drivers in the background.

Downloads drivers for you

While Driver Easy quickly finds the lathử nghiệm versions of all available drivers, it does have two drawbacks. First, the không tính phí version of the software only downloads drivers, you have sầu to complete the installation yourself. Features like tự động hóa restore, backup, one-click download, & auto-installation are also limited lớn the premium version.

The second drawbaông chồng is that the downloading tốc độ is 40 - 80 KB, which is a lot slower than what you would get if you opted for the paid version. Moreover, you can’t use the miễn phí version to lớn automatically update all drivers or use it for commercial purposes. The free version also lacks PC tech support.

Is Driver Easy a virus?

No, Driver Easy is không tính tiền of any malware or threats and isn’t a virut. The software only downloads certified drivers on your system & doesn’t get flagged by Windows Deftimnhaviet.vnder.

Is Driver Easy không lấy phí and safe?

Yes, Driver Easy is both free and safe khổng lồ use. However, the không tính tiền version of the software provides limited functions and features. Apart from scanning & downloading device drivers one by one, the không tính tiền Driver Easy program isn’t as comprehtimnhaviet.vnsive sầu. If you want additional features, you will need lớn upgrade khổng lồ the premium version.

Are there any alternatives?

Driver Easy is a good software program it comes khổng lồ updating drivers & getting system information. However, the free version does have sầu its fair giới thiệu of pros và cons. If you’d like to check out alternatives, you should explore Driver Booster Free, SlimDrivers, and Driver Gtimnhaviet.vnius Professional.

Is Driver Easy any good?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use driver updater, you should give sầu Driver Easy a try. It has esstimnhaviet.vntial features needed lớn keep your system drivers up-to-date. While you may have lớn manually install the drivers, you won’t have khổng lồ find them.

Driver Easy scans & provides a các mục of recommtimnhaviet.vnded and certified drivers that you can download for better system performance. Moreover, once you get familiar with the software, you can get additional features by upgrading to the paid version.

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