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Heavy Weapon (or Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank) is a side-scrolling shoot "em up video game developed by PopCap Games & released in 2005.

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In Heavy Weapon, the player guides a powerful atomic tank through several stages of opposing enemy forces. The tank moves only left và right, while its main weapon, a turret gun, can be aimed in a 180 degree span & nukes which can destroy enemies off the screen. The game"s storyline deals with a Red Star (Soviet Union) invasion, & the player takes the role of the commander of an Atomic Tank lớn repel the invasion baông chồng into lớn the main headquarters of Red Star. The main premise of the game is one individual against the collective sầu forces of Communism led by Joseph Stalin.

The game features a total of 19 levels/missions along with two game modes (mission & survival). In mission mode, one must blast through countless enemies & defeat a trùm at the kết thúc. Mission mode allows for three lives in each mission. Upon defeating the boss, the player visits the armory, where one can get various upgrades and power-ups for use in subsequent missions. After going through the first nine bosses, the player must destroy the same nine bosses in the remaining nine levels, until the final level. The new bosses are slightly different in weapons và armor.

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In PC Version of the game, Survival mode only has one life, & one survives through never-ending waves of enemies until the tank is destroyed. In Xbox 360 và PS3 Version of the game, the player may either choose khổng lồ survive sầu by themselves, or join a War Party survival game where up lớn four players can join. The game gives various, sometimes insulting messages when one presses the quit button, as an encouragement to lớn keep playing the game.


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The game allows for 1-4 player online & local Co-op gameplay for Survival Mode. The thử nghiệm version, as well as the Campaign và quái nhân Blitz, only allows for 1-2 player local Co-op.


The limited không tính tiền version of Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank can be downloaded online at various websites, including PopCap"s own site. The full version, Heavy Weapon Deluxe, can be purchased for a fee. An Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade version was made available for tải về via Xbox Live sầu Marketplace on January 17, 2007. It features a full (four-player) co-op mode compatible with Xbox Live sầu and a trùm blitz mode. The game has since been released for the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Network và PlayStation 2. The PS2 & PS3 versions featured an arranged soundtrack.

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