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Design and create amazing works of art using Adobe Illustrator CC 2018, the powerful vector-based drawing program.

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This comprehensive training is the first in a series of three courses by industry pro Deke McClelland. Learn how lớn work with artboards; how lớn draw anything you can imagine with the Pen, Pencil, và Curvature tools; và how to start adding color khổng lồ your artwork with swatches. Deke also covers drawing shapes, adjusting strokes, formatting text, & painting digitally, with or without a tablet. Each chapter should leave sầu you with a new set of skills—& a sense of accomplishment.As Creative Cloud evolves, this course gets updated. Check bachồng for new videos, new feature Review, và new ways to lớn work.

- Hello, I"m Deke McClell&. Welcome to Illustrator One-on-One Fundamentals, Part One in a series of three đoạn Clip courses devoted to lớn your ultimate mastery of the world"s most powerful vector-based drawing software, by which I mean the one, the only, Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is the number one drawing program on the planet. Look at any hình ảnh sản phẩm, any hàng hóa packaging, any marketplace signage, any web button, any line graphic on any screen, anywhere in the world, & you"re likely seeing Illustrator at work... smooth, crisp, pristine vector-based art. Learn how lớn use Illustrator and you become a master of the visual world. And this, what you"re watching right now, this is Illustrator One-on-One, the most comprehensive video clip training on the topic. If Illustrator is a magical sword of graphic art, & it is, then I"m the guy who"s going lớn show you how to wield it. I started using Illustrator in 1987, the year it came out. In fact, this is it, actually, right here, the first Adobe program I ever bought, which means I"ve been using the program for more of my life than I haven"t. I wrote my first book on Illustrator the very next year, when I was 26, & I did so out of love. There we were, listening to lớn The Bangles, và suddenly... Wang chung! Illustrator comes out of nowhere. And it was so streamlined baông xã then, the whole thing fit on a single floppy disc, so it"s no surprise that I"ve sầu been writing books & recording videos about this program ever since. Year in, year out, I"ve sầu never missed an update. I lượt thích to lớn think that I"m that guy who"s going khổng lồ teach you both from the mind & the heart. I get excited about some features. I get disappointed by others. Regardless, we"re going to lớn take what Illustrator gives us & make great artwork. As you watch these movies, I"ll show you some amazing things. But my real purpose is to infuse you with every bit of knowledge that I have sầu, so that you can go out & make amazing works of art & design on your own.

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I promise you, I"m going lớn turn you into lớn the best Illustrator user you know, but I"m going to need your help. Give me your time và attention, và I"ll show you everything you need khổng lồ know, in the order you need to lớn know it. No crowded classroom, no scheduling conflicts, it"s just you & me, one on one, anytime that it"s convenient for you khổng lồ learn. If this is your first time using Illustrator, welcome to lớn the club. If you"re an old-timer, forget everything you knew before. Trust me, Illustrator has changed a lot in the last few years, & very much for the better. It"s a whole new ball game. This course, One-on-One, is project-based learning. You learn by doing. In the following movies, you"ll create professional chất lượng artwork, often from scratch, using nothing more than Illustrator"s most basic line và shape tools. You"ll learn how khổng lồ create multi-page documents using device-independent artboards, và you"ll learn how lớn draw anything you could possibly want, using the pencil tool, the curvature tool, and the classic pen. One-on-One is also contextualized learning. Regardless of your background, Illustrator"s features are about to lớn make crystal-clear sense, because you"ll apply them lớn a series of clearly defined tasks. If I"ve done my job, you"ll leave each chapter with a sense of accomplishment. I sincerely hope that there are moments when you feel, "I rule! "I can vày this, and I can vày more." One last but very important tòa tháp... Now that Illustrator is part of Adobe"s ever-expanding creative cloud, the old self-contained version number updates of the past have been supplanted by a continuous stream of frequent & nimble enhancements. And, just as Illustrator is a fluid application, One-on-One is a fluid course. The entire One-on-One trilogy, Fundamentals Advanced in Mastery, every last movie is altogether new, complete with new projects & br& new exercise files. As time goes on, I"ll sprinkle in new movies to lớn address new features, as well as new ways lớn work. So, be sure to lớn come back and kiểm tra for new movies the next time you see your copy of Illustrator update. So, please join me one-on-one. Let me show you Illustrator as I truly hope you"ve sầu never seen it before.

Download the files the instructor uses to lớn teach the course. Follow along và learn by watching, listening và practicing.

Watch courses on your sản phẩm điện thoại device without an mạng internet connection. Download courses using your iOS or Android Learning tiện ích.

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