an occasion when you allow someone or yourself khổng lồ have something enjoyable, especially more than is good for you:

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All the pleasures and indulgences of the weekend are over, và I must get down lớn some serious hard work.

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the attitude of allowing yourself or someone else to lớn have something enjoyable, or the act of having something enjoyable:
I want eventually lớn see a pension that provides not only for necessities but for indulgences as well.
Their betters could vì chưng what they pleased, but it was not for the working classes khổng lồ have such indulgences.
People are less encouraged khổng lồ have regard, for their immediate neighbours, & they have sầu more technical means of inflicting their indulgences on others.
They are not compelled day after day khổng lồ suffer the indulgences of other cruel & rather selfish people.
Reckon up your deficiencies và petty indulgences as an accountant would your losses, & put them right and keep them right.
If we are being rather harsh, the key issue here is that those indulgences cannot continue indefinitely.
The unfortunate fact remains that it is from the practice of such indulgences as this that the courts derive most of their work.
There are what are known as first-class misdemeanants, và indulgences are given to lớn many persons who fall into lớn the class of political offenders.
What is the use of telling that lớn a poor boy, who never got a shilling for any of those occasional little indulgences to lớn which he is perfectly entitled?

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