Untethered Ios 9

The latest timnhaviet.vnTools adds quả táo 9.1- ios 9.3.4 jailbreak for all 32-bit ios devices, users could enjoy an "untethered jailbreak" after installing Community Offsets from Cydia, which means jailbreak won't chiến bại even user reboot their device.

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If you stay on ios 9.3.5, follow timnhaviet.vnTools lớn know how khổng lồ jailbreak on Phoenix.


iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, ipad tablet 2, máy tính bảng ipad 3, ipad 4, ipad mini, iPod cảm ứng 5G

Supported game ios versions:

iOS 9.1, ios 9.2.1, quả táo 9.3, game ios 9.3.2, game ios 9.3.3, ios 9.3.4, iOS9.3.5


* Please back up your ios device before jailbreak.

*If you are using iPhone4S, ipad tablet 2/3, iPod touch5, ipad mini, you could jailbreak after flashing tiện ích ios 9.3.5.

*This jailbreak is Semi-untethered. If you reboot game ios Devices, you will chiến bại jailbreak, and Cydia or other tweaks may crash on launch. You are suggested to install "Community Offsets" from Cydia to get a untethered jailbreak.


Step 1: Download và install the latest timnhaviet.vnTools on your PC. Connect your quả táo device to lớn PC using the USB cable. Click Flash & JB – Jailbreak – quả táo 9.1-9.3.5 32-bit jailbreak.

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Step 2: timnhaviet.vnTools will automatically install jailbreak tool "Home Depot"/ "Phoenix" (According lớn your iOS) on your device. We are taking iPhone 4s on quả táo 9.3.4 as a jailbreak guide.


Step 3: Then please verify the app by going khổng lồ “Settings” -> “General” -> “Device Management”, then click Trust "1310g2xz65


Step4: Run "Home Depot" on your device, click Prepare for jailbreak, click accept --> Dismiss --> Proceed With Jailbreak --> Begin Installation --> Use Provided Offsets.

Wait till the iDevice reboots. Then Cydia icon will be on the home screen if you jailbreak successfully. Otherwise, you may need khổng lồ click “jailbreak” again.


Step 5: Launch Cydia, địa chỉ cửa hàng source:http://repo.tihmstar.net, search & installCommunity Offsets, then you won't thua trận your jailbreak although rebooting your device.


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