Jinrou game: beast side

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*Disclaimer*Just personal scratch.Advised, possible spoilers.Opinion & InformalArt: 5/10The anatomy và proportions checked out. There were not any notable environmental or panoramic shots. Neither was there a lot of impact shots or artistic showcases. The art, compared khổng lồ the previous installment, I felt was a downgrade. The death và gruesome scenes were toned down a lot so much so that the whole manga felt either very censored or PG-13 when comparing it lớn what was shown in the previous installment. The impact shots that were used didn't seem too impactful lớn me. Overall, nice details were mostly not there or a bit basic. The backgrounds and extras were alright; the personal rooms honestly had the most detail in the entire manga. The gruesome scenes seemed a bit tame compared lớn the prequel which is a minus considering the prequel mix up a lot of momentum for this sequel. Panel Progression: 5/10The panel progression felt a bit quick. The clarity of the progression was a bit lacking as well. Like the previous installment, the pacing was a bit too quick so it ended up hurting the clarity by not having enough panels or speech bubbles to tư vấn what was going on sometimes. The general discussions were mostly fine, but it was very clear towards the end of the manga that the progression rushed itself way too fast going so far as lớn skip or gloss over entire deaths, conversations, etc. The panel layout was nice-looking but that was about it. There wasn't too much flair in the size of panel cutting or impact sequences; the executions were really lame và seemed like they were purposely toned down and were allocated only a page or two. Characters: 4/10The characters were lame. Exactly like the prequel, many of the characters were given uninteresting lớn interesting setups. However, those setups were quickly snuffed out just lượt thích how those same characters were quickly killed off for some of the dumbest & out-of-nowhere reasons. Character development was non-existent for anyone except for the MC glasses girl because everyone but her dies off before any of their stories or growth can come khổng lồ fruition/completion. The growth of the MC was predictable and uninspiring. Her sudden change of personality was exactly that, way too sudden. Her change of character starting around the middle of this manga was way too abrupt và had almost no support to it. She just somehow suddenly started to like death và killing people. There was no inward contemplation, no resolution, nothing. Plot: 5/10Sequel to lớn previous Jinrou Game và the initial chapter or three were quite interesting actually. The previous installment mix up a lot of momentum for this manga.Development: 4/10Predictable development. 100% without a doubt of course the MC glasses girl is going lớn survive. Judging by how the glasses MC girl's character abruptly changed midway through the manga, the betrayal of the blonde werewolf girl was also predictable. The specific intricacies of the dynamics between the characters as well as their frantic debates was the only interesting part about the development in this manga. Those same dynamics and debates were however shunted because of how stupidly the characters that were responsible for juicy developments were killed off. If not just killing them off, the juicy developments were straight up either dropped completely or resolved by just killing those characters off so as not lớn explain or spend time on them. Conclusion: 4/10Predictable conclusion that left no motivation khổng lồ want to read a possible sequel (ahem, Crazy Fox). All the questions that were brought up across both current installments of Jinrou Game, excluding Crazy Fox, were not answered at all. Seriously, no questions were answered at all. Who's responsible for the game? Why are students of the same high school being chosen? What is the aim of the game? Overall: 5/10This sequel was a bust. There was no reasoning at all as to why the MC's heart changed. There was no personal struggle or conscientious battle. The resolve that the MC showed at the kết thúc of the prequel was completely dropped without explaining why; it didn't give any foundation for her fall. She just so happened khổng lồ conveniently fall khổng lồ make it easier for the narrative khổng lồ flow into a "join them" conclusion. I vày not think this sequel is worth reading. Pretend Jinrou game ended with the first installment. It's much better that way. I gave this a 5 rather than a 4 because I felt that while there were a lot of things I disliked about this sequel, I appreciate the story that both installments present as a whole: the fall & tainting of a person. While I thought the overall execution could have been done differently, the Jinrou trò chơi series is entertaining for what it is.

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