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Kích Thước Slide Powerpoint 2010

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Read Time:14 minsLanguages:url-selector#selectionChanged" data-controller="url-selector">EnglishDeutschEspañolBahasa IndonesiaPусскийTiếng Việt

You"ve spent time doing research, crafting your message and creating visuals. Now you"re ready khổng lồ give a PowerPoint presentation. Using PowerPoint slides can help you reinforce your message & provide a strong backdrop lớn your presentation.

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When you plug your laptop into an external display, you might be surprised by how your presentation appears. It might appear cut off on the edges or boxed in on the screen, like this:

The black lines at the left and right of this slide are wasted space because our presentation & PowerPoint screen kích thước aren"t sized in sync.

Before you connect khổng lồ a big screen monitor or projector to nội dung your hard work, kiểm tra the size & aspect ratio of your presentation. 

Knowing your PowerPoint slide dimensions helps your presentation look right on the screen. In this tutorial, I"ll teach you how khổng lồ choose the right PowerPoint dimensions. I"ll also mô tả some đứng đầu PowerPoint slide designs from Envato Elements & GraphicRiver with PowerPoint kích cỡ already figured out.

Learn More About Presentations

Before you dig into this tutorial, be sure to download our không tính tiền eBook: The Complete Guide to lớn Making Great Presentations. It"ll help you master the complete presentation process. 


What"s the Right size for Your PowerPoint?

Choosing the correct dimensions for your PowerPoint slide kích thước depends on where & how you"ll present it.

You might present PowerPoint presentations on a variety of screens, such as:

laptop screensconference room projectorsiPads & tabletswidescreen, large format displays

Each of these displays has a different shape or aspect ratio that describes the width versus height of the screen. The same PowerPoint tệp tin will appear differently on each device because the aspect ratio can vary.

The same PowerPoint presentation would appear differently in full-screen mode across devices with different screens.

To start this tutorial, decide what device your presentation is most likely to lớn appear on. If you aren"t sure, keep reading to learn more about the options for tailoring your PPT slide size.

Top PowerPoint Templates (With Ready-Made Slide Dimensions)

What if you didn"t have lớn worry about the dimensions of your PowerPoint slide? Instead of guessing at the PowerPoint slide size, you can use a pre-built template. That"s the value that Envato Elements brings to the table. 

Not only does it feature templates with the perfect PowerPoint slide sizes, but it also does so with excellent designs. Many of the templates contain more than one PowerPoint slide size so that you always have what you need.

Use Envato Elements for PowerPoint templates with the dimensions already mix perfectly.

What"s even better is that Envato Elements helps you keep costs low. That"s thanks to lớn an unlimited tải về model. With one subscription, you unlock everything. Not only does that include perfectly sized PowerPoint slides, but stock photos, graphics, and more.

Elements includes stunning templates like The X Note with multiple PowerPoint slide dimensions.

Also, keep in mind that we"ve got a ton of awesome PowerPoint presentation templates on GraphicRiver. These templates also include templates with PowerPoint slide sizes set. It"s a pay-as-you-go marketplace.

GraphicRiver also features templates with multiple PowerPoint slide sizes, but you"ll pay only for single templates you choose.

Many of them come in multiple aspect ratios pre-built. So, you can work with great slide designs at the common sizes you"re likely to lớn need for your presentation. 

Other presentation designs are made at Full HD (16:9) aspect ratio, which is a popular display size. Or they come with extra dimensions supported. Discover more in our curated selection of the best below, và then continue on with this tutorial:

How to Change the kích cỡ of Your PowerPoint (Watch và Learn)

In the screencast below, I"ll show you how lớn change the kích cỡ of your PowerPoint presentation. This will change the form size of all your PowerPoint slides. I"ll also discuss the most common PPT slide dimensions that you can use in your presentation.


Keep reading for step-by-step instructions lớn choose the correct slide in PowerPoint & adjust your presentation lớn match.

1. How to Change the kích cỡ of PowerPoint Slides

Once you"ve scoped the screen you"ll present on & chosen the right size for your PowerPoint presentation, it"s time lớn change your PowerPoint tệp tin to match.

Click on the Design tab on PowerPoint"s ribbon. The available options will change on the ribbon. Find the Customize section on the ribbon and click on the Slide Size icon. 

A drop-down menu will mở cửa with several options. Click on Custom Slide Size to open the Slide size menu và modify your presentation"s dimensions.

The Slide Size menu opens, và now we can change the PPT slide kích thước using the dropdown options.

Keep in mind though: It may not always be possible to choose the perfect kích cỡ for your presentation. If you send và share your presentation, then you can"t control the device that your audience will xuất hiện your presentation on. 

But that doesn"t mean that we can"t optimize the presentation for most viewers. Let"s talk about the most common sizes to set your PowerPoint slides to.

2. Common Sizes for PowerPoint Presentations

To change the kích thước of your PowerPoint presentation, click on the dropdown box under the Slides sized for: option. The setting you choose should be based upon the screen it"ll appear on.

There are a several choices on this drop-down menu. The most common choices that I use are On-screen Show (4:3), On-screen Show (16:9), & On-screen Show (16:10). I use these settings frequently because they match the most common devices PowerPoint presentations are shown on.

The specific setting depends on the device you"ll use. Here are rules of thumb for which one lớn choose:

Laptops. Most máy tính xách tay screens have a 16:9 aspect ratio. The notable exception is Macbook"s 16:10 aspect ratio.Projectors. Many projectors are a 4:3 aspect ratio. Others are designed to mimic the same widescreen (16:9) máy tính xách tay monitors.Large Screen Displays. Many modern meeting rooms feature large LCD screens as costs have decreased for TV"s, supplanting projectors. These are typically 16:9 aspect ratio.

These aren"t the only options, of course. You could choose one of the aspect ratios that align with a printed document, like Letter Paper or Ledger Paper. The key is khổng lồ choose the size that works for your audience.

After you select a size, press OK on this menu. PowerPoint will show a new thực đơn that gives you a choice of how to change your presentation slide size. Let"s take a closer look at which option will be right for you.

PowerPoint Slide Settings: "Maximize" Versus "Ensure Fit"

When we change slide sizes, PowerPoint presents us with two quality options lớn change our presentation slide size. We already have nội dung on our slide, so it makes sense that we need lớn think about how to handle changing the slide.

The menu shows two options: Maximize and Ensure Fit. You need to lớn choose one of these options lớn change the kích cỡ of your presentation.

Choosing Maximize will zoom in on the slide so that the content fills the slide. The downside lớn this approach is that some nội dung may be clipped off if you"ve got elements on the slides" edge.Ensure fit will make sure that everything stays on the slide. But it might leave horizontal bars above và below your content.

When you resize your PowerPoint slides, give your presentation a thorough look lớn make sure the nội dung hasn"t been changed in a way that changes its original meaning. I typically choose to Maximize Slides. But it might take some re-working of the slides lớn fit properly.

When lớn Use Special Case Sizes

The Slide size options window can change your presentation form size for practically any situation.

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Imagine that presentation will be viewed on a portrait orientation device. Portrait orientation implies that a screen is taller than it"s wide. Maybe the viewer is viewing it on a tablet in portrait mode, or on a monitor that"s rotated in portrait mode.

To change a PowerPoint presentation to Portrait orientation, change the Slides option to Portrait as shown above.

You may not use these options often but remember that they exist. PowerPoint truly accommodates. 

3. Remember khổng lồ Test

The success of a presentation comes down khổng lồ the preparation behind it. Giving a presentation khổng lồ an audience is daunting. But doing a "dry run" (practice presentation) can help khổng lồ reduce surprises in the real production.

To prepare for your presentation, remember to test your file on the device that your audience will view it on. If possible, try to check out the conference room or lecture hall beforehand.

Doing a dry run of your presentation will ensure two things: 

That you"ve got all the cables and connections you need khổng lồ display your presentation. It"s a great time khổng lồ compare the dimensions of your file to the screen you"ll use so that you can re-work your slides dimensions as needed.

Don"t forget lớn include testing your PowerPoint tệp tin on the display you"ll use for your pitch. It"s another variable you can control for while preparing, reducing the uncertainty of your presentation.

5 Quick PowerPoint Presentation Format Tips

No matter your skill màn chơi in PowerPoint, it always helps to lớn have a few extra tips. Let"s kiểm tra out five more đứng đầu tips for PowerPoint slide sizes, including PowerPoint dimensions.

1. Edit the PowerPoint Dimensions First

Earlier in this tutorial, you worked with PowerPoint slide dimensions. But, the most important part of doing so is the order of your steps. 

Make sure your first step is Design > Slide Size. When you phối the kích cỡ of your PPT as soon as you mở cửa the presentation, you won"t đoạn phim or stretch your slides.

Set the dimensions of your PowerPoint slide first by opening Design > Slide Size

This is the best way to avoid re-work while working with PowerPoint slide sizes. Phối your PowerPoint dimensions first!

2. Use the PowerPoint Rulers

Many presenters (myself included) use PowerPoint to lớn create printed, products too. And the kích thước of your PowerPoint slide really matters when you"re trying khổng lồ fit them to lớn a printed page.

That"s why it helps to check your PPT slide kích cỡ with rulers (in inches.) to lớn view them, go to lớn the View > Ruler menu option.

Use the View > Ruler option to lớn show the form size of a PowerPoint slide in inches.

Of course, you can scale the PowerPoint slide form size while you"re printing khổng lồ match the paper. Kiểm tra out our guide to printing, no matter the kích thước of your PowerPoint slides.

3. Edit the Slide Master

Slide masters control several slide designs at the same time. Instead of setting layouts & PPT dimensions on each slide, consider editing the slide. Mix the PPT slide form size and dimension on the master on the View > Slide Master menu.

Learn more about editing slide masters và presentation slide sizes in the tutorial below:

4. Simulate a Preview

Earlier in this tutorial, I recommended checking your presentation as a rehearsal. Ideally, you kiểm tra your PowerPoint slide kích thước on the exact monitor or projector you"ll use for the real thing.

Unfortunately, you won"t always have the option (or time) khổng lồ rehearse in the presentation room. But you can kiểm tra it on your computer screen. You can preview your PowerPoint presentation & see how it uses the screen real estate.

Go khổng lồ the Slide Show > From Beginning menu option to lớn preview your presentation. Then, đánh giá if you can see any bars or lines on your screen.

My secret trick khổng lồ checking my PowerPoint size is khổng lồ preview them on Slide Show > From Beginning in a Virtual Machine.

Most computer screens are 16:9 or 16:10. So, if you know your final screen has the same dimensions, this is a "good enough" check for your PowerPoint dimensions.

5. Use Slide Layouts

You shouldn"t have khổng lồ set the PowerPoint slide kích thước on each slide. You can set the dimensions of your PowerPoint presentation, but the presentation slide kích cỡ matters too. Set the PowerPoint slide kích cỡ with layouts that position elements perfectly.

In a template like The X Note, every slide layout carefully considers the size of the PPT. Use a layout for the form size of PowerPoint slides on the Home > Layout menu.

Use a layout from a template like The X Note for ideal PowerPoint slide sizes.

Use the Layout drop-down khổng lồ select the dimensions of your PowerPoint slide.

Find More Great PowerPoint Templates: 5 top Designs

Here"s an even better way khổng lồ nail your PowerPoint dimensions. Start with a template. Most PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements have several versions of PowerPoint dimensions for each style. 

These are five of the best PowerPoint templates on Elements. Check them out lớn create a presentation with perfect PowerPoint dimensions:

1. Style Multipurpose PowerPoint Template


This template is packaged with two colors and one PowerPoint slide size, but I find it easily adjustable in my testing. It features the 16:9 aspect ratio that"s the classic PowerPoint slide size. Use the 100 chất lượng designs, each with perfect PPT slide sizes.

2. Agio


Agio is a clean & minimal PowerPoint template. You"ll find that the 16:9 PPT slide sizes are perfect for most screens. Not only are the presentation slide sizes set nicely, but the designs are also simply stunning. Fill out these slide blueprints for a professional presentation.

3. Ever PowerPoint Template


When you xuất hiện this presentation, you"ll find two PowerPoint dimension options: 4:3 and 16:9. It"s these two PPT size options that give this template extra value. There are beautiful slide designs for both PowerPoint slide sizes. Use the hand-designed infographics for illustrations.

4. Sprint PowerPoint Template


Life might be a marathon instead of a sprint but designing a presentation shouldn"t be. The aptly named Sprint presentation is a 4:3 kiến thiết with a bright orange color scheme. Choose this if your PPT slide kích cỡ should be in the more traditional 4:3 size.

5. MasMax


Rounding out our options, MaxMax is a 16:9 PowerPoint dimension template. With 234 unique slide designs, there are options for practically every kiến thiết you could need. The size of your PPT is already set and you can use the free icons for a bit of extra flair.

For even more template options with perfect PowerPoint slide sizes, check out these articles below:

Learn More About Using Microsoft PowerPoint

In this tutorial, we learned how khổng lồ set the right kích thước for PowerPoint files. It all comes down to how và where your recipient will view the presentation. 

You may not be able to perfectly format your PowerPoint for every screen. But sticking lớn the PowerPoint standard sizes will work most of the time. You can also save time by working with a great PowerPoint template that"s already mix up with the PPT slide dimensions you need.

At Envato Tuts+, we"ve put together a deep resource of PowerPoint tutorials. Make sure to kiểm tra out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) This single resource is comprehensive to lớn learn the app, including PowerPoint sizes.

To keep learning more PowerPoint, kiểm tra the helpful tutorials below:

For another helpful resource, be sure lớn grab this helpful eBook: 

Make Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)


We"ve got the perfect complement lớn this tutorial. It"ll walk you through the complete presentation process. 

Download our new eBook: The Complete Guide khổng lồ Making Great Presentations. It"s available for free with a subscription lớn the Tuts+ Newsletter. 

Learn how khổng lồ write your presentation, kiến thiết it like a pro, & prepare it to lớn present powerfully.

Design a Presentation With Perfect PowerPoint Slide form size Today

This tutorial showed you how to set your PowerPoint slide size. With the proper dimensions for your PowerPoint slide, your slides will look stunning as they fill the screen. Set your slide kích thước before you start designing to lớn avoid costly re-work.

Also, don"t forget that you can save hours of kiến thiết work. Envato Elements features unlimited downloads with the perfect PowerPoint slide size. Plus, GraphicRiver gives you pay-as-you-go options with pre-built dimensions for your PowerPoint slide size.

With these tips in mind, design confidently today! You now know how lớn set the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide khổng lồ make the best use of the screen space.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in June of 2017. It"s been comprehensively revised to lớn make current, accurate, and up-to-date by our staff—with special assistance from Andrew Childress.

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