KMSPico Portable Google Drive is a Windows và Office activator tool. It works using KMS Emulation. This is the Official KMS Piteo Portable tool.

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Last updated on September 3rd, 2021

KMSPico Portable Google Drive sầu is a Windows và Office activator tool. It works using KMS Emulation. This is the Official KMS Piteo Portable tool.

Download KMSPico Portable Google Drive

We provide you with a clean và safe KMS tool with a Google drive sầu liên kết.

Activate Windows 10, Windows 11, MS Office 2019, and all other Windows & Office editions absolutely miễn phí.

This tool is available only for testing and educational purposes.

Official KMSPico Portable Google Drive sầu Activator is an amazing tool that is developed by Team DAZ.

This solution uses the KMS Key Management System emulation khổng lồ register và activate the sản phẩm.

This tool performs the activation without connecting khổng lồ Microsoft activation servers lớn fetch the hàng hóa key.

It generates sản phẩm keys by itself và stores them in the local host.

It replaces the trial license key with a br& new product activation key.

Click the green button khổng lồ download KMSPico portable Google Drive.

Download KMSPiteo Portable Google Drive

Activation process


Here we will guide you completely through the activation process step by step.

Turn off the windows security. Please follow the steps shown below to turn off Windows real-time Virus Protection.

Step 1: Cliông xã on the Windows ibé.

Step 2: Go to lớn the settings thực đơn.

Step 3: Select the Update & Security option.

Step 4: Turn off Real-time protection.

This way you can successfully turn off the Windows security.

Now It’s time lớn download the portable KMS Activator from google drive.

KMSPico Portable Google Drive is a famous activator that is used to lớn activate windows 10, MS Office 2016, và other Microsoft products.

It is open-source software.

It creates an emulated instance of the KMS using your computer as localhost.

It replaces the Windows or Office trial key with the Volume License Key.

The Windows keeps working with that key và remains activated forever.

It works in the same way as the original Microsoft KMS does. The only difference is that it is an offline KMS emulator.

KMSPiteo Portable Google Drive Password

Use the 12345 as a password lớn extract the downloaded Setup tệp tin of KMSPiteo Portable.

KMSPico Portable Google Drive supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Office năm nhâm thìn, 360, 2010, 2012, and 2013 editions.

Download the lachạy thử KMSPico Windows 11 Activator.

It is the only activator that can give you the lifetime activation of all the Microsoft Products.

There are many virut files with the name of KMS Pico, you must download KMSPico Portable

Google Drive tool because it is the safest KMSPico tool.

Its official & authentic trang web is “”.

KMSPico Portable Google Drive is quite simple lớn use và has many advantages over other patching tools.

It is a KMS emulator that works as an activation tool for Microsoft Windows & Office.

People also tìm kiếm it on google as KMSPiteo by Team DAZ.

Here we will explain the complete installation process for this KMS Piteo tool.

There are a lot of fake websites over the mạng internet which are distributing malicious download links.

Most of those tools shared on those sites are outdated.

The full khung of KMSPico is Piteo Key Management System.

KMSPico Portable Google Drive is only targeted at learners who want to lớn use Microsoft products for experiments.

It’s very easy lớn use and get the full benefits out of it. The lademo Windows and Office activation is just one cliông chồng away.

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It is a powerful and free KMS patcher.

It is a completely free activation so you bởi not need khổng lồ pay any single cent.

Visit Official Microsoft Website.

Solving KMS Activation Error

If you see an error message while activating the Office with KMS, that says: “Cannot activate because this hàng hóa is incapable of KMS Activation”, no worries.

It’s an error you can get when you are trying to activate Microsoft Office.No problem. It is really easy lớn solve.

Here you need khổng lồ use a very famous Windows and Office activator tool called Microsoft ToolKit.It is also known as MS ToolKit. It contains all famous activators in one place.

You can choose any activation tool according khổng lồ your system specifications.

Here is how to lớn bởi it.

Follow the simple steps below lớn solve sầu that error và get the activation done for không tính tiền.

Step-1: mở cửa your Microsoft toolkit then clichồng this tiny Office button.

Step-2: Then go khổng lồ activation & choose KMSAuto.

Step-3: Clichồng on the Activate button.

If you get the same error again, then you need khổng lồ customize the setup.

Follow few steps to lớn customize the Microsoft Tool Kit Setup.

Step-1: Set installer path.

Step-2: Go to lớn the setup tệp tin of your desired Microsoft Office Product.

Step-3: Change the channel from Retail khổng lồ Volume.

Now you can see there that the channel is probably the Retail.

You have sầu khổng lồ change it lớn the Volume type.

That’s all you need to lớn vì chưng lớn customize the thiết lập.

When you have sầu successfully changed the setup tệp tin channel khổng lồ the Volume.

In simple words, you have sầu to lớn reinstall the MS Office by using the different cài đặt files that we are going lớn change and customize.

It will work properly.

This takes a while when the channel is changed to volume so that’s all that you want.

If you did this you can now Cliông xã it away.

Now first you have sầu khổng lồ uninstall Microsoft Office.

Go to programs và then go khổng lồ the list of installed programs where you can delete its installation.Search for Microsoft Office Professional Plus.

Click on the delete button to remove it completely.

You need to install it again now.

It’s all the same. We just altered the settings of that thiết đặt tệp tin.

So you can mix it up and after that go khổng lồ activation.

Click the .bat file.Go khổng lồ Microsoft toolkit.Go to lớn the Office activation with KMSAuto lớn.Cliông xã on Activate button.

Here we go… MS Office is successfully activated.



It is a genuine MS Windows & Office Activator tool, that is used lớn activate Windows 10 & all Office products for free

It is not a vi khuẩn. The firewall treats this patcher as a virus because it changes the trial license with the registered Volume License Product Key.

No. It is completely legal to use this tool for learning & testing purposes only. It is illegal khổng lồ use it for commercial purposes & profit purposes.

KMSPiteo Portable Google Drive sầu Infographic

KMSPico Portable Google Drive sầu Supported Products

KMS Piteo Portable can activate the following MS Windows and Office editions.

Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows VistaWindows 7MS Office 365MS Office 2016Office 2019Office 2007Office 2010

Use Password as 12345 to extract the cài đặt tệp tin of KMSPiteo Portable Google Drive.


KMSPico Portable Google Drive is a powerful Activator tool to lớn Activate Windows 10 và Office năm 2016. It also works with all the previous editions of MS Windows và Office. KMSAuto và Microsoft ToolKit are some famous mods of this patcher. It is legal to use it for educational & data backup purposes only.


KMSPico Portable Google Drive is a Windows & Office activator tool. It works using KMS Emulation. This is the Official KMS Pico Portable tool.

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