Devil May Cry 5 is a riot to play but there are a lot of questions we still have sầu about the title that remain unanswered.

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It’s almost hard lớn believe just how well gamers’ wish lists were fulfilled in Devil May Cry 5, which delivered both a cool & heartwarming premise as its story. A lot of questions fans had over the years were answered, with the revelation of Nero’s connection lớn Dante và Vergil being the most satisfying.

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That doesn’t mean all queries were satisfied, as Devil May Cry 5 left certain things ambiguous as well. These are things that were both carried forward from earlier installments và those questions that arose as a result of the plot of this game. Let’s see the questions that have still remain unanswered.

nero kyrie
It was confirmed that Nero và Kyrie were still very much a couple as her vocal cameos had her encourage Nero in his path. They were also shown to lớn be living together, although Kyrie never actually appeared on-screen. The question on fans’ minds is whether the two got married.

The significance of this is the fact that it would make Nero the first married protagonist in the series, with no one from Dante, Vergil, Lady, or Trish ever having gotten hitched. Fans also want to know of Nero và Kyrie’s marital status since it makes Vergil a father-in-law, even possibly setting hyên ổn up lớn become a grandfather.

vergil devil may cry
It’s a shame that V didn’t last as a permanent character, as he’s been seen as one of the best characters of the past decade. V being a good guy has made gamers question if Vergil has also become fully rehabilitated.

Considering he và Dante were on friendly terms by the kết thúc of Devil May Cry 5, và the fact that Vergil actually made a selfless move sầu for once by heading lớn the detháng world, curiosity over Vergil’s status as a good or bad character remains at its peak.

eva devil may cry 5
Based on their personalities, it’s easy to see Dante and Vergil being sorted into lớn Gryffindor và Slytherin, respectively, if they were at Hogwarts. This difference in ideals came down to Vergil feeling abandoned by his mother when demons attacked them when the boys were 8-years-old.

However, Devil May Cry 5 opened up more questions than it answered here, seeing as it’s known that Dante & Vergil were together at least until they were teenagers. Since their mother was already dead by then, it’s still unclear as to what led khổng lồ their permanent estrangement.

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It’s been two decades since the first game was released & even now fans have sầu no clue just how Spardomain authority died. His return is one of the things we want lớn see in Devil May Cry 6, although fans can only bring up questions about him at the moment.

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Considering Spardomain authority was stated khổng lồ be at least 2000-years-old, it doesn’t make sense how he died of natural causes suddenly. Even if he did, the circumstances around his demise & the actual event is something that remains a burning question for most.

Dante uttering the “Jackpot!” line at the over of Devil May Cry 5 was a reminder of his penchant for stylish quotes. However, it glossed over the fact that he và Vergil seem khổng lồ be stuck in the demon world now. Although they vì have each other, there’s no indication of how they’ll leave.

With no sequel yet in sight, but with fans still worried about their favorite characters, one of the most comtháng questions is the status of the duo. Vergil confirmed that they needed to lớn cut off the roots from within the demon world và trap themselves, so there’s no clue given over how they can get out.

The two ladies were bickering over wanting to keep the office at the end of Devil May Cry 5, but the arrival of J.D. Morrison revealed that Lady & Trish would need khổng lồ work và pay the bills in order to earn the office.

While that did make for a good stinger at the kết thúc of the story, it still leaves things unanswered whether the duo has started running the siêu thị. Considering the incredibly difficult missions they needed Dante lớn handle, it makes things unclear if they could maintain Devil May Cry or not.

When comparing Capcom’s two biggest franchises, it’s generally agreed that Resident Evil is better than Devil May Cry where the horror aspect is concerned. However, the latter series stepped up with Urizen, who was extremely scary khổng lồ encounter.

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Urizen và V being halves of Vergil has led to lớn the idea of Dante pulling the same move sầu. For now, it’s only part of bạn theories if Dante could also use his sword or the Yamato lớn to lớn make multiple demonic versions of himself. If so, that would be a very cool aspect khổng lồ explore later on.

Vergil validated his clayên lớn being one of the most powerful characters in the series after not only surviving Mundus but also recovering from his state as Nelo Angelo. According to chronology, Vergil was defeated by Dante in Devil May Cry at least around a decade before Devil May Cry 5.

His whereabouts during this time are shrouded in mystery. This is doubly puzzling when considering how weak he was at the beginning of the fifth game, which begs the question as khổng lồ what he was up khổng lồ for so long if he was in such a sorry state.

The question on every fans’ minds in Devil May Cry 4 was if Vergil was Nero’s father. Now that it’s been confirmed, gamers have shifted to lớn wondering who his mother was. As of yet, speculation is that it was the girl who had eyed Vergil in his visit to lớn Fortuna.

However, this doesn’t explain why Nero was brought up by Credo, then, or why anything about the woman has never been referred khổng lồ. With Nero having finally met his father, it’s time we got lớn know the person who gave sầu birth to lớn hyên ổn.

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