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For each iPhone manufactured in different countries there is a code lớn check. So what is Iphone ll/a? In which country are they produced? Is the device as good as other iPhone models? Let"s find out right in this article khổng lồ get the most accurate answer.

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1 What lớn know about ll/a code before buying iphone?2 Why is iphone ll/a sold in Vietnam? Is this machine any good?3 Should I buy an iphone ll/a or not?

What khổng lồ know about ll/a code before buying iphone?

iPhone ll/a

Iphone phones are manufactured by many different countries around the world. The components of the machine are assembled in factories and the largest factory is in China. Khổng lồ know which market iPhone is for you can identify by code.

How khổng lồ identify iphone machine code

First, we need lớn consider the naming of each type of điện thoại iphone code. If you find out, you will see that táo bị cắn names it as follows: MxxxYY/A, for example MG492VN/A. Based on this code, please pay attention to lớn the 2 factors that are the first character in the machine code & the last 2 characters.

To identify the iPhone machine code, you should rely on the way that hãng apple names the first characters as follows:

MxxxYY/A: M is the sign that indicates the new commercial store.

NxxxYY/A: N is the sign that tells you the store returns or offers a warranty.

FxxxYY/A: F stands for Refurbished firm or CPO.

3xxxYY/A: If the machine has the first letter 3, it shows that the company is manufactured for display purposes.

The following characters of iPhone will be specified for each product code in each market. Each code will be for a different market. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study the following symbols khổng lồ make the best choice.

Currently, táo khuyết that distributes genuine iPhones will have the following characters at the end of the product:

YY: Việt NamZP: Hong KongHK: KoreanTH: Thái LanLL: MỹF: FrenchEU: Châu ÂuFAR: UcAT: TaiwanYOU: TurkeyC: CanadaT: ÝB: EnglishJ: JapanFOR: Singapore

Which country"s iPhone ll/a

iPhone ll/a is distributed in the US market

iPhone divides into different codes lớn help users identify which market the iPhone will be for. However, not everyone knows what LL/a iPhone is?

The LL/a iPhone code will tell you that the iPhone is made in the US and is officially distributed in the US market.

Why is iphone ll/a sold in Vietnam? Is this machine any good?

Many people who want to lớn own an iPhone ll / a often worry about why this mã sản phẩm is sold in Vietnam và are they good or not?

In addition to distributing VN/A codes in Vietnam, all other codes are genuine táo bị cắn products. Táo apple produces to lớn distribute và divide for each region.

Why is iphone ll/a sold in Vietnam?

iPhone is sold at many stores, phone repair centers in Vietnam. This line of phones appeared khổng lồ meet the needs of users & here are some reasons why iPhones are sold in Vietnam.

Through retail và medium-sized phone stores

The iphone ll/a line is sold through small và medium-sized phone stores. These are the main product suppliers for customers who want lớn own this machine.

Customers want lớn own the machine cheaper than the genuine product
ll/a has a lower cost

Another reason why ll / a iPhone is sold in Vietnam is that many customers want lớn own a cheaper device than the genuine one. It can be seen that the price of iPhone ll / a is much better than the genuine one.

The price of portable iPhone ll/a is usually 1-3 million dong cheaper depending on the model. As a result, users will also save a lot of money.

Apple fans want khổng lồ own the device soon, so ask foreign buyers

Normally, genuine goods in Vietnam will be sold 1-2 months later than in the US. Therefore, táo apple fans who want to lớn own the device soon will order abroad.

Is the iphone ll/a any good?

iPhone LL/a appears in Vietnam in many different forms such as: hand-carried relatives, purchased through import agents... In addition lớn iPhone ll/a, there are other international iPhones brought to lớn Vietnam such as Zp /A Hongkong, AZ of Singapore.

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If you are wondering if the iPhone ll / a is good or not, you need khổng lồ understand that: For each region or country, there will be different standards & conditions for the hardware of the device. These will be separate regulations for each region.

You can understand simply through a specific example as follows: The Japanese market will phối strict requirements for Apple"s hardware. Therefore, hãng apple will have lớn meet these conditions lớn be able lớn enter the market in Japan.

When you look at the whole thing, you will see that no matter what code the iPhone gives, it is still a genuine sản phẩm made by Apple. Each code has only the difference in components, however, this is only a small factor. So the iPhone code ll/a will also have the same quality as the others. Many users say they have experienced và found that using the same does not make too much of a difference.

Should I buy an iphone ll/a or not?

At the present time, portable & genuine goods will be two choices for users when they want to own an iPhone. Therefore, many people are wondering whether khổng lồ buy iPhone ll/a or not?

Reasons why you should buy an iphone ll/a

Here are some reasons you should buy an iphone ll/a:

Cheaper than the original

First, if you compare the price of iPhone ll/a with the original, ll/a will have a much better price. If your finances are not too good và you want to save some money, then it is best lớn choose iPhone ll / a.

iPhone ll / a will have a better price because there are no fees such as taxes or land prices compared to lớn genuine iPhones. It"s not because the machine is of poor quality, so the price is cheaper. So you can rest assured with this decision.

Available soon with key iphone countries

If you want khổng lồ quickly own an iPhone, you should choose ll/a Iphone. Because when ordering, there will be earlier with the iPhone key countries.

Reasons not lớn buy an iphone ll/a

Besides the reasons to buy iPhone all / a, you also need khổng lồ consider many other factors to avoid risks or encounter unexpected cases when buying the device. There are also many people who decide not to lớn buy ll/a Iphone because:

It"s easy to get scammed and lose money if you don"t buy it at a reputable place or ask someone you know
Should choose a reputable buying address if you don"t want to đại bại money

The iPhone ll/a market is in a hot phase. Therefore, many people và many units take advantage of opening order programs to attract customers.

However, many stores vị not have the goods as expected or the chất lượng of the machine is not guaranteed. There are even many places that require customers to lớn deposit 5 or 10 million in advance or half the value of the machine if they want lớn buy.

Therefore, many people fear losing money if they bởi vì not choose the right acquaintances or reputable suppliers. There have also been many buyers who encountered this case because they did not learn carefully & lost a large amount of money.

If you want khổng lồ buy a machine, it is best to find familiar people or reputable addresses. Choose stores that sell iphones with clear addresses, accompanied by after-sales mode, with invoices and full sales documents.

Warranty is more difficult, especially for machines purchased in the size of portable thanks to acquaintances

One thing that makes many people consider whether to lớn buy a portable ll/a iphone is the warranty. When buying genuine products often receive many incentives along with a better warranty.

When buying a portable iPhone, the warranty is often more difficult. Buyer must have all of the following documents: Clear receipt, sản phẩm price, receipt or invoice number, device serial number, seller"s liên hệ information.

In case the hand-carried goods cannot be provided with the correct receipt required by the center, táo bị cắn dở cannot kiểm tra on the system. As such, the machine will be voided warranty.

Whether the sản phẩm is purchased from the táo bị cắn Store of other countries. But if the user cannot present the purchase invoice, he will not be entitled to lớn the warranty policy in Vietnam.

Therefore, iPhone buyers with code ll/a will have to struggle more in warranty. This is also one of the reasons why many people consider buying a portable iPhone or not.

Hopefully, with the above information helped you get the answer what is iPhone ll/a? If you need support or want to lớn buy a machine, please liên hệ us immediately.

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