You will also find a thư mục called MegamanEternalST, this folder is the soundtrack. It has .ogg files of all the soundtrack files. Lớn play .ogg files, a player recotimnhaviet.vnnded is VideoLAN. Bởi vì not delete files in this folder.


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Can you keep your save files from previous versions? Yes, of course. Just copy and paste "archive.ini", "load.ini", "control.ini", & "gamepad.ini" (v. 1.38+) into the new version"s folder (overwriting the blank files).

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Version 1.41 (Created July 17, 6:31PM EST, 2016)

-Clamp Man"s clamp could hold onto you forever even after being destroyed (clamp disappears, but Mega Man stays still unable to move), this is now fixed. -Clamp Man does not get stuck on right side of the room on the rare occasion. -Giant Illusion Man has a more regular pattern. -Wily Stronghold Stage 3: More Weapon Energy in Stage. Segment after Mecha long Alpha: replaced the first big bolt in the stage with a large weapon energy. At checkpoint, 1 large weapon energy has been added. -Frigid Man"s Glacier platforms should not twitch (if comes up, do report it và how you were able to bởi it).

Bạn đang xem: Megaman x eternal wars: update zero & mountain area

Version 1.40 (Created March 19, 12:14PM EST, 2016)

-Made correction in Music & Composer listings in Credits.

Version 1.39 (Created September 19, 6:30PM EST, 2015)

-Added rumble khổng lồ coaster segments & final monster fight (were originally not included in 1.38, now the rumble will work in these parts :) ).

Version 1.38 (Created September 18, 6:24PM EST, 2015)

-Native Gamepad functionality added for Gamepad & Xbox360 Controller. See About page for more information on website. -gamepad.ini added Recent fixes to lớn the following problems:

-Wily RUSH Machine could get stuck if orb hit him while Rush was raising into the machine. Fixed now. -Could be damaged by Ballade Missile inside the machine (of forementioned boss). Fixed as well.

Previous Fixes 1.37

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems:

-Jolt Man"s level: In room before Giganoiser, it is possible to get stuck between green & blue blocks and never die. Block arrangement has been modified.

Previous Fixes 1.36

Recent fixes lớn the following problems: -Severe tearing occuring in Wily Stronghold 4 (especially in the Plant Man segment). This has been at least partially resolved.

Previous Fixes 1.35

Recent fixes to the following problems: -When using custom controls, Beat"s down button would be the left Beat button. This was a minor issue in the Custom Control options area. If your custom controls are working fine, this update will go unnoticed. This has been fixed.

Previous Fixes 1.34

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems: -In Wily Stronghold 2 (towards over of stage), spike death collision spots missing below spinning wheel platform after the water segment, & the pit with enemy (but before the final timed-block room).

Previous Fixes 1.33

Recent fixes to the following problems: -Wily Stronghold 4 trùm cuối could kill you with Burst Man"s bubble at kết thúc of fight, yet being dead. -Tune Woman platform (after the spotlight on/off passage before pit) acted strange if jumped to đứng top right of the screen. Platform has been lowered.

Previous Fixes 1.32

Recent fixes to the following problems:

-Mega Man Killer weapons in Stronghold 2 would not appear (was a glitch caused by a fix in V1.24). In addition, now the following change: If you defeat a MMK, the MMK won"t use that weapon against you. Meaning the fight is tough if you don"t beat MMKs during the progress of the game. -Bass Sabre wasn"t included in attacks of rides in Primal Man và Wily Stronghold 3 stages. This is now included :).

Previous Fixes 1.31

Recent fixes to the following problems:

-Missing death spike collision in one room of Jolt Man"s cấp độ (first room of beep-blop blocks)

Previous Fixes 1.3

Recent fixes to lớn the following problems:

-Missing solid blocks in room after Walrost in đứng top left corner. -Missing death pits in Wily 5, first pit area. -Presses in Clamp Man"s màn chơi could kill if jump under them. -Presses could kill Mega Man in 2nd room with presses if Hatimnhaviet.vnr Joe were khổng lồ hit Mega Man (when damage would die on impact in room.) New collision code implemented for presses, và Hatimnhaviet.vnr Joe replaced in room.

Previous Fixes 1.29

Recent fixes to the following problems:

-Could slide back towards left side of room and get stuck between the two rooms on transition. In addition, could mở cửa opportunities to cause fatal errors.

Previous Fixes 1.28

Recent fixes to the following problems: -Some users obtaining errors from Tune Woman"s surface drawing events. Conditions placed to ensure it exists for drawing (some reported on their machines to lớn get errors and would prevent from further play of Tune Woman"s level). -Could jump up and get stuck in ceiling in Illusion Man"s cấp độ in the yoku block tower segment (at bottom room).

Xem thêm: " Vice Là Gì - Nghĩa Của Từ Vice

Previous Fixes 1.27

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems: -Due to lớn feedback, lowered the hit boxes on final boss" shoulders. -Beat stood still during final boss" first phase (now moves).

Previous Fixes 1.26

Recent fixes to lớn the following problems: -Enker Lance in store could not be bought at 100 bolts, yet says it is (was 150 in my code (wasn"t updated on my end, used lớn be 150)).

Previous Fixes 1.25

Recent fixes to lớn the following problems: -Could charge between Cipher Man"s teleporters causing a loop on the sound. -(As a consequence) Wily 4"s teleporters had the same problem.

Previous Fixes 1.24

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems: -Tie breaking on Enker (additional checks were put in for Punk as well).

-Bass can sometimes not die (in Bass" level, lifebar disappears)

Previous Fixes 1.23

Recent fixes lớn the following problems: -Could charge on leaving levels (causing a loop of the charging noise). -Frigid Man recoil could hit you upon death (this one was one I wanted khổng lồ fix).

Previous Fixes (V1.22)

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems: -FPS would drop lớn 50 at times in Primal Man"s màn chơi (now closer lớn 57 to 60FPS) -FPS would drop to lớn 54 at times in Wily Stronghold 3 (now clean 60FPS).

Previous fixes (V1.21)

Recent fixes to the following problems: -Minor spelling typo in get weapon và pause menu and Auto"s shop (BALLADE MISSLE, B.MISSLE).

Previous fixes (V1.2)

Recent fixes lớn the following problems: -Some solid blocks missing on left side of first-downward ladder in Scorch Man"s level.

Previous fixes (V1.1+):

Recent fixes khổng lồ the following problems: -Could get stuck in left wall near 1-up in Illusion Man"s màn chơi -Illusion Man could get stuck in right wall during battle after teleporting.

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