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Build professional-grade presentation masterpieces while working in a user-friendly environment & publish your slideshows to lớn the Web with ease

Note: Photodex Corporation permanently closed on January 31, 20trăng tròn. Consequently, ProShow Producer cannot be purchased anymore. However, you can still download it from our servers & use it indefinitely with the limitations listed on this page.

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ProShow Producer is a software solution that allows you lớn create and edit videos in a professional manner.

The interface of the program is intuitive sầu. Users can follow three simple steps - add photos, video clip & music, use "Slide Options" to customize slides, & then create the output files in several formats.

So, you can use the tệp tin browser lớn search for media files and add them to lớn the timeline by using the "drag and drop" method.

Furthermore, you can add from hundreds of transitions (basic, blocks, fly in & out, image adjustments, page, patterns, shapes, simulations, slides và pushes, themed, two-sided, wipes).

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You can also create layers, configure đoạn Clip settings, edit the video clip (e.g. contrast, brightness, sharpen, blur, hue, opacity, red-eye reduction), adjust motion and adjustment effects, change caption settings & caption motion, as well as configure sound effects.

In addition, you can toggle between the timeline & slide danh sách, import music from an audio CD, use text on captions, manage the soundtrachồng, import & export templates, add watermarks, use the "Undo" and "Redo" functions, enable full screen playbaông xã, and much more.

Once your project is complete, you can create an output for televisions (DVD, Blu-ray), social truyền thông, website shows, computers (PC executable, video clip files, autorun CD), & others (e.g. sover via email, use as screensaver).

The program uses a high amount of resources (evidently) và comes with a very well-drawn help file, as well as a "New project" wizard for rookies. The downside is that certain functions take a long time to load (e.g. when ProShow Producer is reading transitions).

Although the program aims to teach novices how to lớn use its features, it has some advanced functions that are only accessible to lớn expert users. The bottom line is that we recommend ProShow Producer for personal use while keeping in mind that it needs a lot of system memory.

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