Tải asus smart gesture win 10

If you are one of those ASUS users who installed the lathử nghiệm version of Windows 10, then you might face Hãng Asus Smart Gesture Not Working. The error is very comtháng for all Hãng Asus users. The main reason for this issue is the outdated Hãng Asus Smart Gesture driver.

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So many users have reported that after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Hãng Asus smart gesture touchpad driver features are disabled.

Not only the touchpad driver, but all the other settings are disabled automatically, và when the user tries to enable them, they cannot.

What is the Hãng Asus smart gesture driver?

Hãng Asus Smart Gesture driver is a small utility application in Windows 10. Now what this utility does is that it controls the touchpad features, which also includes smart gestures.

Unfortunately, by mặc định, it is not included in the Windows 10 installer. But don’t worry, this guide will help you to lớn download Asus Smart gesture for WIndows 10. You will learn how lớn install the Asus touchpad driver.

Fix Hãng Asus Smart Gesture Not Working

It is required khổng lồ fix the issue as soon as possible. You cannot use the ASUS device until you fix the Asus Smart Gesture Not Working issue. There are many solutions to lớn fix this issue. So follow them carefully lớn get rid of your problem.

Solution 1: Reset the Asus Smart Gesture Settings

You can easily solve sầu your problem by restoring the Asus touchpad driver settings lớn default. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Search bar and open the control panel.


Step 2: Now open Programs and features and search for Hãng Asus Smart Gesture. And Double-tap lớn open it.

Step 3: Now, all you need to lớn bởi is khổng lồ cliông xã on set all khổng lồ Default.


Step 4: Restart your computer & check if it is working correctly or not.

Solution 2: Update the Hãng Asus Touchpad Driver

Generally, this issue happens because of the Lack of compatibility, i.e., the Hãng Asus Smart Gesture driver, which is installed on your system currently might not be compatible with your lachạy thử operating system.

Step 1: Firstly, open the device manager.


Step 2: Now, you should go lớn Mice and other pointing devices.


Step 3: Then, Double click on mice và other pointing devices và find Synaptics Pointing Device.


Step 4: To update the driver, right-cliông chồng on the Synaptics pointing device và select Update Driver Software.


Step 5: It automatically searches for the lademo software and updates the driver. Now, restart your system and kiểm tra whether the issue got resolved or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall the ASUS Driver

If the two methods didn’t work for you, then the ultimate solution is lớn uninstall the driver. Follow the below steps to lớn uninstall.

Step 1: xuất hiện control panel > Go to Programs & Features.

Step 2: Select the Hãng Asus smart gesture and clichồng on Uninstall.


Download the Lachạy thử ASUS drivers

You can download the lademo version from going to this https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1009613 link. Then you can download a 32 bit or 64-bit version based on your system specifications.

Below I have mentioned some of the best fixes for Hãng Asus touchpad smart gesture Can’t install issue. So follow them carefully và solve your problem within seconds.

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Solution 4 – Run driver setup file as administrator

Well, many users are unable lớn download Asus Smart Gesture Windows 10 driver, but you can quickly fix this issue. All you need to lớn vì chưng is run as an administrator in the thiết lập file. Well, the steps to vị that are fairly simple-

Find the cài đặt file and right-click on it.


You will find an option which says- Run as administrator. Choose this option from the menu.


Solution 5 – Download Touchpad Synaptics instead

If you are unable to lớn install Asus Smart Gesture driver on Windows 10, a majority of users suggesting that instead of going with the mặc định driver, install Synaptics Touchpad driver from here.

ASUS is the world’s biggest manufacturer of motherboards & among mỏi the best brands for gaming. If you don’t wish khổng lồ go wrong, then remote liên kết ASUS và Gigabyte are the very best choices, but if you wish to lớn find a little lower-priced option, then you can consider MSI.

Solution 6- Remove the mặc định Hãng Asus Smart Gesture và reinstall the driver.

Now, if you want to fix Hãng Asus smart gesture Windows 10 tải về problem, you need to lớn remove sầu the Asus Smart Gesture driver manually. Now to do that what you can vị is follow these steps:

Search Asus Smart Gesture on the computer và delete all data files which are related khổng lồ it.Restart the PC.Download the lathử nghiệm touchpad driver for your laptop.Run the Setup TP.. driver.msi & install a new driver.Restart your PC.Now open Device Manager > find touchpad > right-click > Update the driver.

Solution 7 – Install Asus Smart Gesture Download Windows 10

Step 1: Right-cliông chồng on Start Button and then go to lớn the nguồn User thực đơn. Or Press Win + S > Search for Control Panel.

Step 2: Go khổng lồ Control Panel.


Step 3: Clichồng Programs and Features & then Uninstall or change a program.

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Step 4: Find the Asus Smart Gesture. Right-cliông xã on Hãng Asus Smart Gesture và then Repair it.


Step 5: Now, Windows will restart.

Once booted, go to Control Panel again > go to lớn Uninstall or change a program.

Step 6: Find ASUS Smart Gesture > Right-cliông xã on it & select Edit và then remove it.


Step 7: Windows will again restart.

Solution 8 – Load BIOS Defaults Settings

You can fix this issue by resetting BIOS settings. Sometimes BIOS settings are blocking some Windows updates from installing. So it is crucial khổng lồ load BIOS default settings.

So first, you have sầu to enter to BIOS (F8 or F12) và go khổng lồ loading BIOS defaults.

If you don’t know how khổng lồ access the BIOS menu, then Google your motherboard và kiểm tra the process.

Solution 9 – Update BIOS

If resetting BIOS settings are not working for you, then its time to update your BIOS.

Solution 10 – Remix Windows

If none of the solutions is helping you with Asus smart gesture not working or Can’t install Asus Smart Gesture driver issue, then the only thing left is resetting Windows. You can also persize a system restore or persize a clean Windows 10 installation.

How To Change Scroll Direction on a Touchpad

Wireless giải pháp công nghệ is aý muốn some of the lakiểm tra giải pháp công nghệ. The giải pháp công nghệ is trustworthy & reliable. ASUS updates have Intel Turbo Boost công nghệ, which will automatically enhance the performance based on the tasks you’re doing. DriverDoc’s proprietary One-Click Update giải pháp công nghệ not only helps lớn ensure that you’ve sầu got correct driver versions for your hardware but also it produces a backup of your present drivers before making any changes.

Step 1: Go to lớn the Control Panel.

Step 2: mở cửa the Asus Smart Gesture utility.

Step 3: From there, you have khổng lồ go to lớn the Two Finger section. Once you are there, you have sầu to lớn tick the “Content moves reversely with your finger’s direction” checkbox.


Step 4: After this, cliông chồng on, OK. Your new settings will now be saved.

That’s all! I hope now you can change the scroll direction in Asus Touchpad Driver.

Now To save sầu your time, we have sầu made a menu of all the required và the most elicit drivers that you can work with your ASUS machine and Windows 10.


Well, the simplest way can be khổng lồ kiểm tra the Audio vendor who came by default with your ASUS Notebook. If you still have any issue (lượt thích Audiowizard missing), try “Realtek Audio”.


Simple step! Just go và Cheông chồng the lademo corresponding driver and the công nghệ Bluetooth không dây vendor on your ASUS Notebook. try Qualcomilimet Atheros công nghệ Bluetooth không dây Version number – (64-bit)


Check the Wireless LAN vendor on your ASUS Notebook & tải về the driver.


Well, this is one thing that we do not suggest you do every time. BIOS settings are the machine settings & shall not be played by! But still, if you want, as per your computer, you can update your BIOS settings too.

First-things-first. Find the BIOS version of your ASUS Notebook installed currently. Once you are done with this, then proceed with the laptop model on the ASUS tư vấn site. From there, you can download the BIOS tệp tin or the lakiểm tra version of the same. Now the final step is khổng lồ install and run ASUS WinFlash to lớn update the BIOS version.


ASUS does not provide camera drivers by mặc định. Because you usually get some of the inbuilt ones. But, if you still need khổng lồ install a camera driver, old drivers for Windows 7 can be found.

To bởi that, you must know your camera PID number. If you don’t know that, follow the steps given below. Once you know the PID number, you can then download the driver.

To get the PID number to follow these steps:

step 1: Right-cliông xã on My Computer & open Device Manager. Go to the “USB 2.0 WebCam”.

Step 2: Once you have sầu opened the same, go and visit the Details tab. There you will find Hardware Ids from where you can find the PID number of your Webcam.

Asus remote link- http://remotelinks.asus.com/

What is ASUS Smart Gesture, and vì I need it?

ASUS Smart Gesture is a software driver that is important for all ASUS products. If you are using ASUS with Windows 10, then you have sầu to download và install ASUS Smart Gesture Drivers.

How vì I turn on ASUS Smart Gesture?

Cliông xã on the ASUS Smart Gesture inhỏ. And double-cliông chồng it.

How bởi vì I install ASUS Smart Gesture on Windows 10?

Just clichồng on the cài đặt tệp tin and follow the steps.

How vày I download ASUS drivers?

Clichồng on the Asus website & download drivers.

Now, apart from all this, there is one more application which is called as “ASUS Remote Link.” This application helps you install the Hãng Asus Smart Gesture. And you should also make sure to install the lakiểm tra Smart Gesture. Now lớn know whether you have installed the lademo or not, you can visit the điện thoại Control tab. From there, you kiểm tra “Enable Remote Link on my PC”.

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I hope you liked this guide on how khổng lồ download Asus Smart Gesture Driver & fix issues.