Ios 14 Theme Download For Oppo Coloros & Realme Ui

We are baông chồng with the most demanding theme for your Realme và Oppo smartphones. Presenting, iOS 14 Theme for all Realme & Oppo devices running Realme UI or ColorOS 7. Get ready lớn experience iOS 14 look and feel, và turn your device into an iOS device in just a minute with this awesome iOS 14 theme.

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iOS 14 Theme for Realme UI and ColorOS 7


iOS themes are the most loved themes as compared khổng lồ any other theme because with just a single theme, you can make your device lượt thích an iOS device for absolutely không lấy phí. This iOS 14 theme offers you the best class experience and features that you may expect from a premium iOS theme. It has a high-unique iOS designed ibé paông xã which covers almost all the icons for daily use. Notification panel thiết kế is also changed, green toggles are added when you turn on them. New iOS inspired Dialerpad and Messaging tiện ích will also enhance your iOS experience with this theme. Now, coming lớn the main highlight of the theme - an ultimate iOS lochồng screen. A Completely revamped lock screen that offers you the same design in terms of looks và also, it has slides to lớn access shortcuts & you can swipe down khổng lồ access the iOS control center. These features make this iOS theme outstand & attractive sầu from the rest of the Realme and Oppo themes.

If you are looking for a premium designed theme which can give sầu you a complete iOS 14 experience và iOS design control center then, the iOS 14 Realme theme is the best choice for you. Download iOS 14 Theme and enjoy it on any Realme or Oppo device running either Realme UI or ColorOS 7.

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Preview of iOS 14 Theme



About the iOS 14 Realme Theme -

Theme Name: iOS 14 < Rui & Cos 7 >

Credits: Amfal

Compatibility: Realme UI, ColorOS 7

Theme Size: 27.4 MB

Download Links -

Download iOS 14 Theme for Realme UI và ColorOS/download/button

Download iMOD Pro <1.3.3>/download/button

Installation iOS 14 Themeon your device-

This tutorial will help you in installing the iOS theme on your devices without any error. So, follow the guide carefully và enjoy the iOS theme on your Realme và Oppo Devices.

Download theiOS 14 < Rui và Cos 7 >.zip
file.Extract the zip file and you will getiOS 14 < Rui & Cos 7 >.themetệp tin.Tap on the theme file & apply it.Download the imod_pro tiện ích.Install the ứng dụng and Open it.Tap on theBlue Circleon the top side.Done.

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