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Okay guys I have another interesting fix for you guys và it involves the ERROR: Unable khổng lồ find a bootable option. Press any key khổng lồ shut down fix for nokia Lumia. So if you device is starting up & showing the error screen as mentioned above then follow these instructions on how lớn fix this error and restore your device back khổng lồ working condition.Bạn đã xem: Lỗi unable to lớn find a bootable option. Press any key to lớn shut down

Devices this will work on?

This fix will work on Any hãng nokia Lumia such as the 520,530,625 và more. So if you have a hãng nokia Lumia regardless of the make and mã sản phẩm this fix should work in restoring your device.

Bạn đang xem: Unable to find a bootable option

What you will be doing khổng lồ your Phone?

For this tutorial you will be restoring your phone using a special recovery tool called: Windows Device Recovery Tool. This tool will erase everything on your phone that including your apps, games, texts, call history, music, and photos. So bear that in mind before proceeding. You may also want to lớn try a hard reset on your hãng nokia Lumia before attempting this method that may work in some cases in fixing your phone.

Also chú ý this tutorial can be used for restoring your nokia Lumia for any other reasons other than the particular error discussed here.

What will you need?

You will need:

1.The affected hãng nokia Lumia with the error.

2.USB cable that came with the phone.

3.Reliable computer

4. Tải về the Windows Device Recovery Tool here.

Xem thêm: Game Đuổi Nhạc Bắt Chữ Cho Android Trò Chơi Âm Nhạc, Đuổi Nhạc Bắt Chữ Cho Android Trò Chơi Âm Nhạc

How khổng lồ fix the Unable khổng lồ find a bootable option error on a nokia Lumia?

So lets begin:

2. With the error on your hãng nokia Lumia press và hold volume up. While you keep holding volume up insert your USB cable to the phone which should be connected khổng lồ the PC. The Windows device recovery too should be launched & the drivers khổng lồ allow the phone lớn be detected installed.

3.Keep holding volume up till you feel a vibration. The software should detect your phone now in a special mode called UEFI mode and find the software the device needs lớn be restored. You can go ahead và restore, you will need an active internet connection.

4. The recovery tool will tải về the appropriate packages or Firmware for your device and restore the phone.

5. Finally the phone should finish cài đặt and be restored.

Final Thoughts

I bởi vì hope you guys where able khổng lồ fix the ERROR: Unable to lớn find a bootable option. Press any key khổng lồ shut down issue. I would love khổng lồ know what nokia Lumia you have và whether or not you were able khổng lồ fix the issues you had with this tutorial. As always please mô tả this article and feel không tính tiền to leave a comment below as always.


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