When we arrived in Hanoi we went to the Viettel store & bought two SIM cards, each with 7BG of data, but no voice or text. The lady at the store mix everything up for us và I've no idea what she did, but it works great.

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Now, my wife has run through all her data, and we want lớn buy some more. I figured the first step would be to lớn buy a top-up card, so we did that and now she has 100,000 dong in her account. But we have no idea how to buy more data. We've tried a few things (like texting MiMax90 to 191) but we can't tell if it's working, because we can't understand the responses (Google Translate is not helping). When we dial *101# it still shows the balance as 100,000 dong.

Can anyone help? We're only here for another week, so she doesn't need a lot of data.

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· 5 yr. Ago
Go to lớn a Viettel store. They can help you. Use Google translate if you have to when explaining the situation, but they'll know what to do. Just had to bởi this with Mobifone & it works fine now.

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· 5 yr. Ago

That's the best answer. Viettel stores are everywhere in Vietnam (so are all the other cell phones stores too).

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· 5 yr. Ago

I would like to give you some information.

First, the sim card you are using is a 3G SIM card. It offers the following:

No calls or texts, bare 7G of cellular data monthly at the cost of 70.000VND per month. They will automatically charge you at the end of the month. If there is not enough 70.000VND in your account, they won't be able to lớn automatically renew the cycle. You need lớn topup và renew manually.

The first time you đứng top up in 90 days since activation, you will receive a bonus 1/2 (of the thẻ you đứng top up) promotion from Viettel.

When you use up all your 7GB, you won't be charge for exceeding the data limit. Moreover, you can continue lớn access the internet, but with lower speed.

Let's say it's not the kết thúc of the month, but you runs out of data. If you want to lớn buy another 7GB high speed, đứng top up 70.000 and send the following message to number 191 : D70 (not MiMax90). A new "1 month" cycle will begin now.

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