Vinpearl resort & spa phú quốc in vietnam Resort Nha Trang welcomes visitors with a classic Asian beauty, featuring an Indochine architecture & picturesque beaches. Situated on an island of extraordinary landscape and attractions, Resort Nha Trang is itself one of the leading complexes for hospitality and entertainment on Hon Tre island. This resort is a peaceful oasis for those who love to lớn recharge their energy & unwind, a dream destination for couples lớn begin their journey of life-long happiness, và a professional venue khổng lồ host successful MICE events.

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Acreage:272,000 mét vuông

Rooms và Guests:528 khách sạn & villa rooms




SEA full bộ | VMB Vietnam Airlines + 3N2Đ chống gồm nạp năng lượng sáng/ cha bữa + Đón tiễn sân bay + tặng kèm vé VinWonders/Safari khi mua qua ứng dụng

SEA combo | VMB Vietnam Airlines + 3N2Đ phòng gồm ăn sáng/ cha bữa + tặng kèm vé VinWonders lúc mua qua tiện ích Resort Nha Trang offers a diverse & rich culinary experience, from international buffets loved by the whole family, Mediterranean-style cuisine in the luxurious restaurant Jasmine that boasts endless sea views, to lớn creative cocktails at the Beach Comber Bar, all of which will bring authentic experiences of true enjoyment for families, couples, và guests on business trips.

4 restaurants2 bars

Unwind và relax your body to enjoy a quality message originating from the Land of Happiness Bali, which uses premium products with organic và natural ingredients Golf Nha Trang

An 18-hole, international-standard golf course with a width of 182 hectares, Golf Nha Trang is chosen as one among the vị trí cao nhất 3 best golf courses in Vietnam.

VinWonders Nha Trang

The amusement park of ground-breaking records with adventure games, a water park with the most slides in Southeast Asia, virtual reality games, and many more.

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Imperial Club Nha Trang

An up-scale culinary & entertainment center, which brings together the culinary quintessence of 5 different continents và attractive entertainment offerings, from bowling & karaoke to lớn disco floors. Submarine Nha Trang

Take an adventure into the ocean's enchanting depths with the world's first và only transparent infinity-view submarine.

Business Registration:

4200456848. The first registration dated on July 26th, 2006.The fiftieth registration for change dated on March, 03rd 2020.

Bank account: Joint Stock CompanyAccount Number: 9124412488166 (VND)Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- stock bank (Techcombank) - Head office

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