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vision /"viʤn/ danh từ sự nhìn; mức độ nhìnfield of vision: trường chú ý, thị trườngwithin range of vision: trong vòng mắt trông thấy được điều mơ thấy, chình họa mộng sự hiện hình yêu thương ma; bóng ma mộng ảo, ảo hình ảnh, ảo cảnh, ảo mộngvision of peace: mộng ảo hoà bình sức tưởng tượng; sự sắc đẹp bén chí lý về bao gồm trịthe vision of a poet: mức độ tưởng tượng của một bên thơ ngoại cồn từ thấy hệt như trong giấc mơ
dòng nhìnsự nhìnbackward vision: sự chú ý về sauchromatic vision: sự quan sát color, sắc thịcolor vision: sự nhìn màucolour vision: sự chú ý màumachine vision: sự quan sát bởi máymachine vision: sự quan sát của máykhoảng nhìnLĩnh vực: tân oán & tinsự chú ý, mức độ nhìnLĩnh vực: y họcsự chú ý, thị giácLĩnh vực: xây dựngmức độ nhìncolour vision: sức chú ý màuangle of visiongách nhìnangle of visiongóc trường nhìnaxis of visiontrục thị kínhbinocular visionmắt hai mắtcharacter-reading vision systemhệ hiển thị đọc cam kết tựcolour visionquan sát color (sắc)computer visionmắt sản phẩm tínhcomputer visionthị giác nhân tạocone of visionkhoảng tầm nhìndirect vision spectroscopekính (quang) phổ chú ý thẳngdirect vision spectroscopequang quẻ phổ nghiệm nhìn trực tìếpduration of visionthị thờientoptique visionthị lực nội nhãn cầufield of visionthị trườngfield of visionngôi trường nhìnhalo visionbắt gặp quầng sángkeenness of visionthị lựcleast distance of distinct visionkhoảng cách thấy rõ nđính nhấtlighting & vision control roomchống tinh chỉnh thắp sáng và thị lựcline of visioncon đường ngắmline of visionđường chú ý thấyline of visiontia ngắm

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Từ điển Collocation

vision noun

1 ability lớn see

ADJ. 20/trăng tròn, excellent, perfect The eye chạy thử shows she has perfect vision. | normal | clear The rain prevented her having clear vision of the road ahead. | blurred, defective sầu, distorted, impaired, poor | double, tunnel (often figurative) | all-round The high driving position gives excellent all-round vision. | binocular, stereoscopic | X-ray | distance I can read without glasses, but my distance vision is poor. | night | peripheral Use your peripheral vision widely when moving from place khổng lồ place.

VERB + VISION have sầu | give sầu (sb) | obscure, restrict | blur The tears blurred her vision. | improve sầu

VISION + VERB clear Her vision cleared and she realized Niall was standing beside her.

PREPhường. across your ~ A bird shot across her vision.

PHRASES your field of vision She was aware of shapes moving across her field of vision. | your line of vision Someone was standing in my line of vision so I couldn"t see the screen.

2 picture in your imagination

ADJ. disturbing, dreadful, ghastly, horrible | bleak | inner, intuitive sầu, mental, spiritual | mystic/mystical, prophetic, religious A young girl in the village experienced a prophetic vision. | poetic | apocalyptic an apocalyptic vision of the kết thúc of civilization | momentary, sudden

VERB + VISION experience, have, receive I had visions of us getting hopelessly lost. | conjure up The word ‘island’ conjures up a vision of a relaxing summer holiday.

VISION + VERB fade As he approached, the vision faded và there was no one there.

PREPhường. in a/the ~ The idea came khổng lồ her in a vision. | ~ of

3 ability lớn see/plan for the future

ADJ. great | imaginative | alternative | broad, comprehensive sầu, global, wide The company needs khổng lồ develop a global vision. | narrow | overall | personal | clear The engineers had a clear vision of what they wanted to lớn achieve sầu. | common They chia sẻ a comtháng vision for the development of health services. | strategic | political | revolutionary | thắm thiết, Utopian

VERB + VISION have | develop | convey, exp& on/upon, outline, promote He outlined his vision for the new economic order. | impose The new leader mix about imposing his vision on the buổi tiệc nhỏ. | share | cloud He was determined not lớn let emotions cloud his vision.

PREP.. of ~ a statesman of great vision | ~ for a vision for the future | ~ of an alternative sầu vision of society

PHRASES breadth of vision His plans for the country"s future show a remarkable breadth of vision.

Từ điển WordNet


a vivid mental image

he had a vision of his own death

a religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance

he had a vision of the Virgin Mary

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

visions|visioned|visioningsyn.: apparition dream fantasy ghost illusion image perception phantom sight specter

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