Top Hotels In Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh has quite many places and hotels for you to lớn stay overnight during your visit; however, not all of them are well-furnished và comfortable. & you don’t know Where lớn stay in Ninh Binh. Therefore, opting for a reasonably – priced khách sạn with good service is essential.

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With the aim of helping you save time, we are very delighted khổng lồ introduce to 5 following good hotels which have been given good feedback and highly appreciated you should be living in. Now Hanoi Explore Travel will help you khổng lồ get a best place khổng lồ stay in Ninh Binh

Biking on Tam Coc Rice Fields

Table of Contents

1 Reasonably priced, well-furnished hotels in Ninh Binh1.1 Tuan Ngoc Hotel1.2 Anna Tham khách sạn View – 2 Star hotel in Ninh Binh1.3 Ninh Binh Queen Hotel1.5 Ninh Binh Panorama Homestay1.6 Hang download Ecolodge1.8 Chez Loan Hotel2 Some Tips for Choosing A Best Place in Ninh Binh

Reasonably priced, well-furnished hotels in Ninh Binh

Tuan Ngoc Hotel

Address: Tam Coc – Bich DongPrice: 13 USD – 22USD/a nightHotel Standard: One Star

Tuan Ngoc hotel is one of best khách sạn where khổng lồ stay in ninh binh

Tuan Ngoc khách sạn is built near Tam Coc Village. It is not affected by noise from the village but very close lớn nature. Hence, this hotel will give you restful and peaceful feeling.

Being a cheap accommodation in Ninh Binh province with an ideal & spotless location is particulary suited for travellers who want lớn find a khách sạn near the tourism area with spectacular view but relatively cheap price.

You can hire a bike at this hotel to explore the beauty of mountains and forests of Ninh Binh. One more thing about this khách sạn is that breakfast here is served with quite simple but still very good foods.

Tuan Ngoc hotel in Ninh Binh Over View – Image Source: Internet

The interior of the rooms are pleasantly decorated and usually tidied up, so they are very clean; nevertheless, some rooms are not equipped with TVs. So, you should consider if you need lớn have one in your room before deciding khổng lồ book that room. If you are looking for and have not decided which hotel you should choose lớn stay at, this one is a good suggestion for you.

Rooms of Tuan Ngoc HotelSingle Room: 15 square meters, one single bedDouble Bed Room: 15 square meters, one double room, the direction towards natureRooms for 3 people: 20 square meters , one single bed, one double bed room, the direction towards natureRooms for 4 people: đôi mươi square meters or 24 square meters, 2 double beds, the direction towards nature

Anna Tham khách sạn View – 2 Star hotel in Ninh Binh

Address: Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Price: 18 USD – 27 USD/a night

Hotel Standard: 2 Stars

Anna Tham hotel View is a 2 Star in Ninh Binh – Image Source: Internet

Also built in Tam Coc Bich Dong tourism area, Ann Tham hotel has 19 well-furnished rooms including TVs, air conditioners, hair driers, coffee tables, and fridges.

The hotel has the view towards moutains & forests, so you are going to feel very close to lớn nature. Service attitude of staff is always very friendly, warm và they are ready lớn solve any unexpected problems of tourists.

Be voted as one of the best places to lớn stay when tourists visit Ninh Binh, Anna Tham hotel View deserves for you to book if you find it reasonably priced.

Room view at anna tham hotel – Image Source: InternetTypes of rooms of Anna Tham khách sạn ViewStandard double bed room: 16 square kilometers, one single bed, the direction towards natureFamily room: 18 square kilometers, one single bed, one double bed, the direction towards natureStandard twin room: 16 square kilometers, 2 single beds, the direction towards nature.

Ninh Binh Queen Hotel

Address: 20, Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ninh Binh thành phố center

Price: 21 USD -55 USD/a night

Standard: 2.5 stars

Queen hotel in Ninh Binh – Image Source: Internet

Queen hotel is located right at Ninh Binh đô thị center with dense population and diverse night entertainment activities. It takes around đôi mươi to 30 minutes from the khách sạn to the well-known tourist attractions of Ninh Binh, so there is no need to lớn worry about time of travelling.

During daytime, you will have the chance to experience different places, try specialities; at night, you can go back lớn the khách sạn to take rest. The fact is that you stay in relatively low-priced hotels in Ninh Binh will give you the feeling of safety much more than other the separate hotels near tourism areas do, and will not make you feel bored at night.

Reception at Ninh Binh Queen Hotel

The interiors of rooms are nicely & elegantly decorated; staff are thoughtful , caring và enthusiastic together with good restaurants; và late-night eating is possible because of a number of night restaurants here.

Types of rooms of Ninh Binh Queen HotelStandard twin room: 20 square meters, two single bedsStandard double bed room: 18 square meters; one double bedSuperior twin room with balcony: 30 square metersTwin bed room with balcony: 25 square metersTriple bed room: trăng tròn square meters, one single bed and double bed.Suit: 75 square meters

Tam Coc Garden

It is located right between Thung Nham ecological tourism area, belonging to nhị Nham halmet, Ninh nhị commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh porvince.

Tam Coc Garden khách sạn – Image Source: Internet

Tam Coc Garden is contributed as an oasis among the fields và imposing & mighty mountains around it. All elements including fields, lakes, gardens, fruits helps Tam Coc Garden become a tranquil and poetic place with the singing of birds.

It consists of 8 separate bungalows built according to the local architecture with rock walls, title roofs, & surrounding gardens.

Over view tam coc garden at night – Image Source: Internet

Visiting Tam Coc Garden, travelling guests can both enjoy the resort và visit well-known places in Ninh Binh và surroundings. The khách sạn is always willing khổng lồ organize complete tourism packages for just one day to satisfy tourists’ demand & exploration.

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Ninh Binh Panorama Homestay

Address: Khue Thuong Village, Ninh Xuan, Hoa Lu

Price: 16 USD – 38 USD/ a night

Ninh Binh Panaroma HomeStay – Image Source: Internet

Ninh Binh Panorama is 2.8 kilometers far from Tam Coc Cave & 9.1 kilometers from Bich Dong Pagoda, along with the mountain slope. We can say that it is a relatively moderate-price hotel in Ninh Binh, with stunning views và fresh, cool air.

It is perfectly suitable for people who want to avoid the atmosphere of noisy cities.If you plan to lớn go on a tour, the hotel also provides you with tour guide service. The downsides of this hotel is that it does not offer air conditioning, and if you want lớn eat out, you have to lớn ride a bicycle instead of walking.

Tam coc panaroma homestay in ninh binh – Image Source: InternetTypes of rooms of Ninh Binh Panorama HomestayTwin room sharing the bathroom: 18 square meters, one twin roomBungalow: 42 square meters

Hang tải Ecolodge

This is the place which have been chosen by many travellers to stay and visit download Cave.

Hang download Ecolodge has 12 separate bungalows built with the architectures of Northern villages of Vietnam including tile roofs và brick yards. Each bungalow has one bedroom with pictureque và poetic surrounding views, fields and spectacular mountains.

Hang thiết lập ecolodge at night – Image Source: Internet

Inside the rooms, interiors are designed simply but dedicately, offering travellers comfortable feelings. One special thing about this place is that you will have the chance khổng lồ live in small houses which are the same as those of Northern villages in Vietnam. From above points, Hang download Ecolodge deserves one of good Tam Coc accommodations worth staying for guests.

Hang cài Ecolodge – Image Source: InternetTypes of rooms of Hang download EcolodgeDeluxe Double RoomsSuperior Family RoomsSuperior Twin RoomsSuperior Double Rooms

Tam Coc Rice Field Resort

Tam Coc Rice Field Resort is judged with 3- star quality, which is going to lớn provide tourists with interesting experiences thanks khổng lồ green, cool and spacious space; to indulge them in peaceful nature và impressively, uniquely designed bedrooms together with the opportunity to try different cuisines & specialities we can’t help having.

tam coc rice field resort – Image Source: Internet

3 – star Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort is constructed in Tam Coc Village, where it is around 8 kilometers from Bai Dinh Pagoda and around 1.9 kilometers from Thung Nham bird garden, which is convenient for travelling to lớn explore the whole beauty of the city.

Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort – Image Source: Internet

The system of rooms in this hotel are designed with bamboo material mainly, bringing travellers not only closeness, familiarity but also freshness. They are all installed with air conditioners, fridges, safes, etc, along with many other fine decoration details.

Further details about the prices, images & comments of rooms of Tam Coc Rice Field Resort. See Here

Chez Loan Hotel

Address: Ninh Hai, Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Price: 24 USD – 65 USD/a night

Chez Loan khách sạn in Ninh Binh – Image Source: Internet

Another relatively-priced khách sạn for guests lớn stay in Ninh Binh is Chez Loan Hotel. Because it is located nearby a moutain, all rooms of the hotel have green, fresh moutain views.

Each room is equipped with air conditioners, CATV, hair dryers, và minu bars without the worry about the weather. About entertaiment activities, you can go fishing, ride bicycles và climb up moutains.

All rooms are very clean, neat and beautifully decorated; however, there are no bathtubs & because the price excludes breakfast, you will have to lớn eat out.

Chez Loan Swimming Pool – Image Source: InternetTypes of Chez Loan HotelTwin bed rooms: 16 square metersRooms for 3 people: trăng tròn square meters, one single bed room and one twin bed roomFamily room with balcony: 30 square meters, one twin bedroom, one single bed roomBungalow Deluxe: 35 square meters, 2 twin bed rooms

Some Tips for Choosing A Best Place in Ninh Binh

Cruising boat Trip lớn Trang An Grottoes – Image Source: InternetAbove are 9 of the best hotels for tourists lớn stay in Ninh Binh. Besides, you still have other options from more luxurious hotels khổng lồ relatively-priced ones khổng lồ choose for your trip, so you should consider thoroughly before making the final decision.

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Tip for choosing a best place to stay in ninh binh

On the toursim season, you should liên hệ to book a khách sạn in advance to avoid the scenario that it can be run out of hotels. Some reputation online website that you can book directly through as Agoda, Expedia,

In addition, landscapes in Ninh Binh mostly are caves, so if you would lượt thích to vist all places in a trip, you should plan for around 3 days khổng lồ explore all of its beauty.

Besides, if you need any further information about Ninh Binh or you would lượt thích to be offered a tour with favourable price but higher unique than other tourism agencies, don’t hesitate to tương tác Hanoi Explore Travel, we are very willing to lớn answer your questions.

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